Hello and welcome back to my blog. Today I will tell you about my most recent project, Argh Matey. This is the first project I have done that is two combined subjects. This project was humanities and scimatics mixed together. For our end product, we made a comic book about an explorer and a disease. Here’s my book:

The first competency that I’m going to tell you about it is connect, how do I understand my own and others’ personal connection to text I read listen and view. This competency came up quite a bit in this project. In the 1st milestone we watched a movie called Osmosis Jones, The movie was very helpful to watch because it was very similar to what our end product of this project would be. Well watching this movie we had to fill out a story spine, this made the story more clear so that when we wrote our own story we wouldn’t know what we were doing. We had to read listen and view the texts to understand the movie. I learned that white blood cells help fight off diseases and that germs can help make disease is worse. I learned that having a low blood cell count usually means I have a virus because the white blood cells help fight off the virus but sometimes they don’t always survive. Then we created a paragraph about a connection with the red death, the virus that was in the movie, and COVID-19. This really helped me connect the information I already knew about Covid and what goes on in the body. Milestone two for humanities also use the competency connect. For this milestone we had to read it to comic books and analyze them, not only did we read the comic books but we had to really review and analyze each and every detail in the comic books to make sure our comic books looked good. We study things like gutter styles and how to tell if it is a slow scene or an action scene. I really liked the Batman comic and the black panther comic. For our 3rd milestone in humanities we use two competencies establishing historical significance and connect. We had to understand what the explorer that we picked was like, where he went and why people still know his name.

And that brings me to the second competency establishing historical significance. So basically understanding why these events are still talked about today.   And our 3rd milestone this was important because we had to decide what events were important enough to talk about in our comic book. My explorers name was Vasco Nunez de balboa ,he’s not an explorer that you hear about in history class but he had a very interesting life. The most significant thing he did was to be the first European to see the Pacific Ocean. For the fourth milestone we also had to establish historical significance , Here is his route:when we had to decide which events were worth putting into our comic book by putting them into our storyboard. I feel like I improved this competency through the project by getting rid of detail that weren’t important in my explorers life.

Last competencies for scimatics and it is communicating, communicating ideas findings and solutions to problems using scientific language, representations, and digital technologies. I have always been very interested in anatomy and how the human body works so learning about cells was very interesting for me. I fell I used this competency well when I made my Modt wanted poster because I used some scientific language. I feel I could have used more scientific language in my comic book than I did. I did the research but should’ve put the words and the right language in all the aspects of the project. However I feel I did well with this competency when we were asked to do a mind map, I asked questions that I’m glad I answered.

That’s all about my project, see you next project!