This has been a couple crazy years since I’ve done this. These years have been some of the best years for learning and adapting in and out of school. Every week pretty much has been a new challenge we have to get through and most of them I’ve adapted through and learnt things along the way. Im only halfway thru grade 10 and it’s already been quite the experience. Something I’ve learnt thru the pandemic is that I need people around me to get work done. Working remotely or alone doesn’t usually work for me. It’s been a real challenge to work in isolation or even work without peers.
For me this is about personal responsibility, I struggle to find internal motivation in fact I don’t remember the last time I had any sort of internal motivation, I’m usually motivated by people around me. This is definitely something I need to improve on and the only way to do that is to figure out what motivates me aside from people. I know I get some motivation from music so I should start there and see what i can make with that.

Me in quarantine talking to friends

With this topic of motivation I’ve found that I don’t do something unless a teacher or peer will look at it, which means that extra work that I should be doing to help me I don’t do without the motivation of showing someone. This is a personal issue because a lot of it is helpful and ends up coming up later in class so this semester I’m going to try and do some of the extra assignments no one’s even going to look at.

The Bright Party press release

Our press release

In past years I’ve spoken about how I struggle in groups to not take control right away and I feel like this semester I improved that, I was only here for one group project and that was the Political Party Project and I was a part of the Bright party. In my group when we first got together I felt myself want to take the lead and share all my ideas but instead I stepped back and heard everyone else out first and needed up liking everyone else’s ideas better. We did a really good job at collaborating and I felt myself improve at giving ideas without controlling the project and I’m excited to take this new sense of self awareness into the upcoming collaborative projects. Something else we did in this project was writing a blog about a topic in politics,I will be completely honest, I got lost in my topic and forgot completely about what the actual assignment was.
So as far as critical and reflective thinking went… I was halfway there. What happened was that I picked a topic quickly, which was a good start for me, then I started researching. At this point everything was looking good, I had good evidence and a good topic. Then I had to put what I learnt into media and words. That’s where it feel apart for me, all I wanted to do is write a block of text and that’s what I ended up doing. In the coming projects I need to get better at communicating my understanding in more then one way.