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Witness to History

Welcome to the blog post for my maker project “witness to history”. This project was the first maker project we did during the coronavirus so I had no idea what to expect. Despite not being able to go to school… Continue Reading →

Time Equals The $Dough$

Hi and welcome to my scimatics “Time is Money” project blog post. This project in scimatics was the first one we did during the quarantine but like most of the project we do in scimatics it was super enjoyable. Not… Continue Reading →

The First Ever Online DI Tournament

As I missed the regional DI tournament (what would have been my first DI experience) my first DI tournament would turn out to be a very interesting experience. Because of the corona virus the DI provincials would be held online…. Continue Reading →

DI regionals

The DI regionals have come to an end for PLP and now it is time for me to reorganize and prepare for the upcoming provincials. But before I do that it’s important to reflect on my journey so far in… Continue Reading →

Metaphors + Mr. Goldberg

Welcome to my metaphor machines project blog post. This scimatics project was definitely one of the most fun and interesting scimatics blog posts because we got to build some Rube Goldberg machines that also used circuits. Like the name implies,… Continue Reading →

Wrongs, Rights and Magic Mountain Mushrooms.

Welcome to our humanity’s project for let’s get riel. In this project we studied Louie riel, injustice regarding First Nations and… well just injustice things in general. We read a book and made some images which is always fun but… Continue Reading →

Confederation + Green Screens

Welcome to my reflective post for the confederation Commercial project. In this project my group and I got to learn all about the different aspects of the Canadian confederation, become one of the colony’s, make a commercial listing the demands… Continue Reading →

Like terms.

Hi welcome to my like terms project! In this project we explored the use of like terms and more specifically polynomials in mathematics. Unlike some of our other projects this one was a little different, we weren’t given a driving… Continue Reading →

Tik Tok… But It’s Part Of School!

Our meme creating, Tik Tok filled project that at some points seemed like it wasn’t school is coming to an end. Now it’s time for me to prove that I have learned and grown my understanding of memes, nationalism and… Continue Reading →

Drum roll….. it’s the mPOL’s!

Hi teachers, parents or anyone else reading this post and welcome to my mPOL blog post where I will be reflecting on my learning growths and failures, in all my classes over this first half of the year. For this… Continue Reading →

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