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Change my Mind

One of the most valuable skills you can have is the ability to persuade, convince and change someone’s mind. This is exactly what we learned in this project “change my mind”. A very fitting name. During our learning, we read… Continue Reading →

Shakespeare… in the 1950s?

Welcome to my blog post from the “hide your fires” project we did before the spring break. The hardcore Shakespeare readers may recognize that name from one of Shakespeares most famous plays, Macbeth. This makes sense because this project was… Continue Reading →

The Mpols…

Hi and welcome to my first Mpol blog post in what feels like forever. I can barely remember what I talked about in the Mpol post from grade 9. For this post I have spent a lot of time thinking… Continue Reading →


Hi and welcome back to my blog post. My blog is more beautiful then the setting sun. A perfect metaphor to bring me to our project topic, poetic devices. Specifically how we use poetic devices in music to represent our… Continue Reading →

Back In Business! Exhibition reflection and project review.

It was exhilarating to finally be back in the school for an in person exhibition. All the chaos definitely gets you into focus. Now it’s time to look back on the project and reflect on what I learned. The driving… Continue Reading →

Critique of Hiroshima By John Hershey

Hiroshima by John Hershey is one of the most well known books based around the pacific war. It was first published in 1946, only a year after little boy was dropped on Hiroshima. It is known for being one of… Continue Reading →


When looking into the past there’s trillions upon trillions of things that you could remember. Unfortunately for us the human brain can’t remember all of them. This means we have to find some way to separate memorable events from unimportant… Continue Reading →

Vote DRP!

The last time I made a serious group video in school was all the way back in grade nine. That’s a lot of memories. Luckily I haven’t forgot everything I learned about making videos yet. Although that’s not to say… Continue Reading →

The Dominion Revival Party

In class over the last week or so, me and a group of my piers have finally started our task to create our own political party. There are virtually no restrictions to what we can do, as long as it… Continue Reading →

Why Canadians may not be seeing the change the want in government.

With the federal election coming to an end many Canadians are left disappointed with the lack of change from this election. As it was already held early and cost over 600 million dollars (CBC) it was expected to make a difference… Continue Reading →

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