Commenting 101 by Owen Cree.

Writing a comment can be scary, connecting with someone you can’t see and sharing your opinion with the world is not something to belittle. Don’t fear though, here are a few simple guidelines that can help you make quality comments.

Step One: read and think

Before even considering leaving a comment on a blog, make sure that you have fully read and processed everything there was to see. This makes sure that your comment is meaningful and relates to the topic. 

Step two: introduction 

As you start to write your comment, don’t jump right into to it. Make sure you to introduce yourself, they want to know who gave them such a great comment!

Step three: compliment 

After your introduction, a great way to continue is by saying what you enjoyed about the blog post. Not only does this encourage people to keep posting more blogs, it also helps shows that you read and understood what they were trying to convey in the post. 

Step four: question

Questions are what make people’s brains work and are also what make a Great comment. When adding your question to your comment, their are a few things to keep in mind. Is your question appropriate? Does it encourage thinking? Does it apply to the topic of the blog post. 

Step five: conclude

At the end of your comment also make sure you add a conclusion. A conclusion should wrap up what you said above, thank the blogger for there post and also leave a link to your blog so they can check out your posts!

There you have it! That’s how you leave a meaningful and thoughtful comment on another persons post.

But wait! You may now how to write a great comment, but how do you actually comment on a post? These images should help you!

Go to a blog.

Select a post.

Scroll down to where it says leave a reply.

Write your comment and hit publish. (You also have to fill out some basic information).

You did it!

I use these two methods when ever I comment on somebody’s post.

Here’s are three examples.

  1. Makaylas About the Author post. 

This post really caught my eye because of the amount of detail included.

Here’s the comment I left:

2.  Anthonys avatar post.

I was looking through different posts when I saw Anthony’s avatar, after reading his short but sweet description of himself I really saw how similar his avatar was to himself. That is what caught my attention for this blog post. 

Here’s the comment I left:

3. Tillys avatar post. 

I have to say (and I mentioned this in my comment) that Tillys post is one of the best I have seen all week. Right away this post was a must read for me. 

Here’s the comment I left:

Thanks for reading my blog post! Now you can comment just like me. See you around fellow bloggers and have a good day.