Welcome to my reflective post for the confederation Commercial project. In this project my group and I got to learn all about the different aspects of the Canadian confederation, become one of the colony’s, make a commercial listing the demands we wanted and then vote on wether we would want to join the confederation. We also sought to answer the driving question: how and why did Canada develop into a nation? Although our class ended up voting down confederation, my group and I learned a lot so let me take you through my learning journey In this project. 

Our Charlottetown conference keynote.

Where I learned the most in this project was definitely with the create competency. We did so much creating in this project right from the start. The first time we created in this project was with our factors of confederation document. I learned a lot about confederation and then I had to put it into words that were nicely formatted but fit on a page. I also demonstrated the create competency when I was making the preminalary proposals with my group. Each group had to think up the demands we were going to ask from the other colony’s and then make a keynote that supported them. I used lots of images to support my proposal. Some images showed the problem that we as a colony faced, others demonstrated how the problem could be solved or the impact solving the problem would have. The final part of this project where I used the create competency was when my group and I were making the final confederation commercial. There were a lot of aspects in this milestone that we had to create. We had to develop a script that would take under 2 minutes to say. This turned out to be very difficult as I felt like we had so much to say in order to support our demands. It’s seems every group had this problem because if I remember correctly very single groups video was also well over the 2 minute mark. So as you can see I demonstrated the create competency in many different ways of the course of this project. 

Our final advertisement screenplay.

I also demonstrated the competency, evidence, very well this project. The first place where I demonstrated this competency was, if you can believe it, milestone 2, show us the evidence. This was almost word for word what the evidence competency is described like. we had to go out as a team and look for information about what our colony’s demands could be. We had to evaluate the evidence we were finding to make sure that our demands were accurate to history. This is a skill I feel like I have struggled with in the past which is why this project has really helped me improve. We constantly demonstrated this competency in the rest of the project as we assed and re-assed what our demands were. We knew that making a mistake would be terrible for our colony (and maybe our marks too!) so we really tried to make sure our evidence was their. 

Our research document.

Other than the competency’s some of my biggest areas of learning in this project have been communication and teamwork. both these skills go hand in hand and really need each other work. I really improved my communication in this project largely because of a new system our teacher Ms. Maxwell tried out. Every time someone in you group didn’t hand something in your team lost a point, but if everyone did hand it in you gained that number of points. Although it sounds funny all the groups got really competitive about the points so I was really trying to get everyone to hand in everything. I used base camp every night to communicate with my group about what needed to get done, or to make sure I hadn’t forgotten anything to. We still lost a few points and ended up coming in a close second. As for teamwork my group also really relied on this skill. In this project sometimes everyone had something to do, other times there was really only one task. Because of this I ended up becoming much better at supporting someone or being supported by someone. This could be given them the information, ideas or advice that they needed as they worked on the main task. By doing this my group got things done faster then many other groups. 

Here’s my final video:

In conclusion this project was both really interesting and also quiet challenging so I would call it a success. Confederation was not formed in our colony’s (only two joined) but I think I demonstrated both the competency’s well and also improved on my teamwork and communication skills as well. I definitely struggled with a few areas of this project though, like my acting skills (and this blog post). Of course this project also helped me better understand the driving and my answer to it. Canada developed into a nation through independent government, strong Canadian figures and the need to join confederation because Canada felt that in their separated colony’s they were vulnerable, had worse trade and wanted better infrastructure. Now with another great project finished its time for the next one. Thanks for reading and stay tuned for more posts to come. 

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