Welcome to my metaphor machines project blog post. This scimatics project was definitely one of the most fun and interesting scimatics blog posts because we got to build some Rube Goldberg machines that also used circuits. Like the name implies, our machines were also metaphors for the scientific method. With such a great project coming to an end let’s get right into the blog post. 

Disclaimer: Because of ski team provincials I was away for a large part of this project, I missed milestones 4 and 5. My blog post will obviously not contain any learning from these milestones so if your interested to see what my partners Asha and Kaia did while I was away here’s a link to their blogs. 

The first competency I want to talk about is questioning and predicting. I think I demonstrated this competency a lot throughout this project. The best example I would have of this is how I finished all the worksheets and khan academy quiz’s (that I was in school for) on time. 

The second competency is reasoning and analyzing. My reasoning and analyzing skills are one of my strong points. My groups blueprint grid was very accurate and I helped with the math needed to get it to that accuracy scale. Although at first I might have struggled with the concept in practise, I kept practising and that is one of the reasons this is one of my stronger competency’s.

The third competency is planning and conducting. This competency’s was probably my favourite one to explore in this project as it was all about the designing and creating circuits. Although I missed the designing and building of my groups final circuits because of the ski team provincials, I still demonstrated this skill in several different areas. One of these areas was during the text book pages and worksheets were I had to plan many imaginary circuits. I also had to plan circuits during the final test where I received 13/14. During the practise circuit building we did before I left I demonstrated the conducting side of the competency’s as I helped my group build several circuits. We had to overcome some sets backs but we worked as a team and we got the voltage measurements for each one. 

The final competency scientific communication. Most of this competency was demonstrated in milestones I missed which is too bad because it is a very important skill to have in the rest of school and the future. I did help my group with the design of our machine which in turn helped provide the scientific communication.

In conclusion this was a great scimatics project but it was too bad I had to miss so much. I think I demonstrated all the competency’s to an accomplished level and I think I really showed my extended knowledge on the test. Thanks to my group memebers asha and kaia for doing so much work while I was gone. Thanks for reading and I’ll see you guys later.