The last time I made a serious group video in school was all the way back in grade nine. That’s a lot of memories. Luckily I haven’t forgot everything I learned about making videos yet. Although that’s not to say we didn’t make any mistakes as a group. Let me take you through our process.

Our screenplay.

Planning to make a video is definitely one of the most important parts of the process. You need to know exactly what your doing before you go out to film and record or things can get very messy. The first thing we did is make our screen play. I used a template and we took a whole class to collaborate in person with our group. We really needed to brainstorm what we wanted and to take the excellent work from earlier in the project and convert it into video form. I focused on most of the formatting for the screenplay, I love organizing things like that. Grace took the screenplay home and made the storyboard. The storyboard helps us visualize what kind of camera angles and locations we want to shoot from. We decided we wanted to have a combination of ocean, forest and urban to try and connect with as many voters as we could. We also wanted to use B-roll from the trip we took to Alberta. 

Filming can be one of the most stressful parts of the project because you almost have to get everything perfect. With the limited time we couldn’t memorize our lines so I made a Pseudo-teleprompter with my iPad. 

Of course finally we had to edit. Brenton took on the role of doing the initial video edit. Clearly he’s very talented in I-movie because it was already looking professional. I think one of the best choices we made as a group was to do the final edit together. By collaborating we were working much faster than one person could have and we could play to each others strengths. Me and Benton worked on adding images and music into the video, as well as adjusting the volume to try and balance the audio in the whole video. Alexee and grace worked together finding non-copyrighted video to help enhance some parts of our video.

Unfortunately not everything in our video went perfectly. Everything was going well in the presentation of our video in front of the class. Suddenly the speakers went crazy loud and distorted just for about 4 seconds in the middle of our video. We still aren’t sure why this happened but I think that the 4 second part must have been a little too loud compared to the others and the speaker made it 100 times worse. In the future I would test my video on a speaker before playing it in front of my classmates so this doesn’t happen again. Although I think the content and execution of our video was great, another thing I didn’t love was that we weren’t as creative as other groups. I really struggle with this both in writing and in general. I find I have a harder time thinking outside the box. Luckily every project I do I get to be inspired by my piers so slowly I am getting more creative.

Overall I believe I answered the driving question in this video because of the amount of evidence showing that by reforming the senate, ridings and Supreme Court, this party would be a great way for Canadians to govern themselves. If you don’t believe me still, watch my final video below.