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Richard Dawkins and Tik Toks.

You may have seen the title of this blog post and your probably wondering why on earth are we doing a project on Tik Tok?! Well the reason is because we are doing a project all about three things. memes,… Continue Reading →

The Winter Exhibition Project!

As the winter break was nearing, all of PLP was preparing for the famed Winter Exhibition. PLP’s exhibitions are a celebration of learning in which us students can not only share our creations and knowledge with our peers and teachers,… Continue Reading →

Chemistry Stories.

Winter Break is almost here and with its arrival all of our projects are coming to an end. The particular project I will be talking about today is our chemistry stories project from Scimatics. In this project we had to… Continue Reading →

The Phantom Menace Movie Review.

The Phantom Menace: A Government Documentary. Oh, Star Wars too I Guess. It’s 1999 and the whole world holds its breath as the first prequel to the legendary Star Wars films is released. Directed by George Lucas, staring Liam Neeson,… Continue Reading →

All the videos of maker term one!

This term I became a professional filmmaker. Well, ok, maybe not a professional filmmaker but I definitely learned some important skills the pros use and grew a lot as a filmmaker in general. I had lots of time to develop… Continue Reading →

Live Event Video!

It’s our last video for this first term in our maker class. Wow did we get a challenging video to make to end it off! Our task with this video was to film a live event. We would have to… Continue Reading →

The Final week! SBC 8.

The SBC is coming to an end for this year. Overall the challenge has been a very powerful experience for me and I feel like I have improved a lot. But luckily there is still one more post to do… Continue Reading →

Revolutions through the ages reflective post

This project in humanities has been amazing. We have learned all about some of the most important revolutions in history, the French, American, Russian and industrial. At the same time we were practicing our video making skills. We had to… Continue Reading →

The Day I Went to Work!

“Don’t pick a job with great vacation time. Pick a job that doesn’t need escaping from”. What a beautiful quote right? But you may be wondering why on earth does it have to do with working and jobs. That’s because… Continue Reading →

Happy holidays! SBC Week seven.

It’s almost December! The holidays are nearing, wether you’re celebrating Christmas or Hanukah, or any other celebration that you and your family partake in. That’s why it’s fitting that  this weeks SBC is all about celebrations and festivities. My family… Continue Reading →

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