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It’s Paisley back with another blog post, and this time it’s about our amazing Star Wars experience!

What is an exhibition? We recently did our first exhibition, and I’ll definitely know way more going into the next one. The first step was to create an inquiry question, in this case it had to be about Star Wars. A good inquiry has to have the following requirements, more then one answer, gives lots of information, is hard to answer and takes a lot of thinking and research to answer, and not a yes or no answer. After you had your question we used the inquiry star to help us along the way.

The goal of an exhibition is to answer your inquiry using research and visuals, writing and a presentation. By the end you should understand your question and the answer.

The exhibition we did this December, was on Star Wars. We were to pick an area of Star Wars to focus on, for example something to do with the specials effects, costumes, droids, etc. Once we had the area we wanted to focus on we were to create an inquiry question, which my inquiry question was “How could I created alien makeup or masks using everyday supplies, and how do they do it in the Star Wars films?” My focus was on the makeup done in Star Wars, from masks, to effects, and makeup I covered that assepect of Star Wars. For our display that would be shown at our station during the exhibition we were to create a 3D object of some sort that we made. On my display I had a model head of Oola a character from Star Wars, which she was a slave for Jabba the Hutt who appeared in The Empire Strikes Back. I also had two poster boards, one showing drawings I drew of four different characters in Star Wars (one being Oola) and I also put some information on the creation of each character below the drawings.

As for the other poster board it include all my research on some designers and makeup artist for some characters in Star Wars, the information I got from a video I watched, and what I learned from the interview I did. As for the interview and video we had to have three resources we got information from, one being research we found online, the second an educational video (not just entertainment) on your topic, and the third an interview with someone who might not necessarily be connected to Star Wars but connected to you’re focus. So if your focus is on makeup for example then maybe interview some sort of makeup artist. I interviewed Trisha Porter who is in the movie industry and works on a show called Superbnatural as a makeup artist. I asked four questions on some techniques the amount of time, and the qualifications to be a makeup artist. I also got some critique on my project from my peers and I used that to improve my project.

As for the construction of my model I started of with a styrofoam head and I papier-mâchéd one layer on to make the paint show up better. Then I painted the entire head green, and painted on the eyes, lips and nose. While the paint was drying I grabbed a pair of green tights and began to stuff them with socks to create Oola’s tentacles that come from her head. I put the tights over the head once the paint dried, and on top I put a black headband. I glued a fork and a pendent together to create the detail on the front of the headband, and I used half an Easter egg on each side to make it look more like her headpiece.

On the day of the exhibition we stared setting up at three o’clock right till five, and we were separated in two big groups, the light side and the dark side, and in those big groups we then separated into subgroups. I was on the dark side, in the Behind the Scences subgroup, along with , Lucy, Luca, and Anika. The dark side was located in the library and as the Behind the Scenes group we claimed the back of the library so it would be like we were behind the other projects and like we were literally “behind the scenes”. In the room we had a green screen and each of our projects. When you walk up to my project you would see my model of Oola, my two poster boards, and my iPad playing a time lapse of me making the head, there would also be lights to illuminate my project.

Here are some projects of other people in the behind the scenes groups and what it looked like around the room.

One thought on “Out of This World Exhibition

  1. Things I think you should revise:

    -Pictures should be aligned in the middle and not so small, maybe even add captions if you don’t explain it in the post.
    -Have a pic of the character Oola, from the movie
    -Link Trisha Porters IMBD or something that shares more knowledge on her
    -Split up the text with pictures

    Things I liked:

    -I really like your question, as I didn’t see many or even any projects on makeup and special effects
    -Your table/poster/oola compliment together, which looks really nice.

    Things I’m confused by:

    -The pic in the beginning… what is it? Kind of hurts my eyes, and theres a random arm in it. Not very Star Wars themed

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