This door is a bore no more!!

In science we had to do a project in which we would have to increase the section of the door we were assigned by five. The door was split up into five different sections, and there were five different groups. In my group there was Jordyn, Luciano, and Emerson. “The door is a bore no more” was the title of our project.

Before making the shapes to put on the door we had to do many calculations. Which there were some struggles within our group, and the calculations along the way which I will address throughout this post.

We started of by measuring the size of the door that we would have to increase by five, the measurements were 85.5 cm by 48.5 cm. We then decided the shape we were gonna use which happened to be the hardest one, a triangular prism. We created a net for the shape which would make it easier for creating the shape.

Jordyn and I did most of the calculations which we completed and then realized we did something wrong. This was a problem as all the calculations were messed up and we had to make around 14 more shapes with very little time!! Luciano and Emerson were on the job of  cutting and drawing the shapes and this would be a huge task to take on.

Before creating those extra shapes we kept trying to think of an easier way, maybe something we missed, so simple yet outside of the box. And then it came to us, if we just open up the top of the shape then all the surfaces area on the inside of the shape would be counted. Therefore doubling the surface area per shape, meaning we would half to create 14 more shapes, just 2 more smaller shapes. So we calculated the size the smaller shapes would half to be to make the surface area of the door 5 times as big and then we placed all our shapes on the door. (Our section of the door is the bottom right)

Although the summary of the project I explained may seem like it wasn’t a diffucult task, it really was for our group. We definitely had some set backs but in the end we had a creative shape and idea that no one else came up with before us and it definitely souped up our process.

Here’s our technical report that we had to fill out at the need of the project:)



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