One of the early ideas we had for FLIGHT was an off-site retreat to kick off the year. We wanted the FLIGHT students to get to know each other, get to know their teachers, and learn some key skills for the program. Back in the spring, we contacted Camp Jubilee and arranged to bring FLIGHT there in September.

Camp Jubilee is a perfect location, removed from the distractions of every day life, students and staff would be fully immersed in FLIGHT. We boarded their boat in two groups on September 19th and set off for three full days of activities!

Before we even went on the retreat, FLIGHT students were given a group task to complete relating to the first unit of study this term. The grade 9’s were researching famous explorers and completing an iMovie documenting their research. The grade 10’s were creating a genetically modified animal and exploring how they would adapt to Camp Jubilee’s climate zone. Through the retreat, students worked on this task and on the final day, we had a group unveiling!

But there was time for fun too. We had a variety of recreational activities led by the Camp Jubilee counsellors, accompanied by FLIGHT teachers. From canoeing across the inlet to the Powerhouse to archery, the FLIGHT students got their daily exercise!

Finally, we had nighttime activities as well. Students worked co-operatively to build a device to fling a ball as far as possible with given materials on the first night. This led to a raucous competition, with everyone cheering their team on to victory. On the second night, we had a campfire and a group movie under the stars.

And we can’t leave out the food. Camp Jubilee catered to all our dietary choices and gave enough good healthy food that even our hungriest FLIGHT students were full.

All in all, it was an awesome three days of fun, sun and learning. What a great way to start our FLIGHT year!

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