FLIGHT 10 Project

This Grade 10 FLIGHT project asked students to discover the truth in memory.

Students were paired with a classmate to interview a local senior. After the interview, students individually wrote a biographical narrative in the first person about one of their senior’s stories. Multiple drafts and more interviews later, students completed their stories.

At the same time, students also constructed a shadow box from wood, painted it, and created a visual representation of their story. A huge thanks to Mr. Gord Muter and Mr. Darcy Grant for helping in the wood shop.

Finally, students used VoiceThread to tell the story orally using their own narration and recordings from the interviews they conducted of the seniors. You can access their VoiceThread and leave your own comments by visiting the FLIGHT 10 student blogs.

All the products from this project are displayed beside the partner’s version of the same product. This was purposeful so we can reflect on how perspective can alter a narrative.

We want to thank the seniors who allowed us to interview them for this amazing opportunity. Please come by the FLIGHT Hangar to see the students’ hard work.

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