‘iPad Takes FLIGHT’ Again

The FLIGHT 10 students had a second opportunity to give their presentation ‘iPad Takes FLIGHT: 40 tips’ at the recent NVTA Professional Day at Carson Graham.

The event was open to all teachers in the District and our morning and afternoon sessions were completely filled up. The FLIGHT students did a great job sharing their tips and the audience truly appreciated how professionally the students handled themselves.

FLIGHT conquers Macworld!


The culminating experience of the FLIGHT 10 California tour was presenting to an audience of 80 people as part of the Tech Talk series at the Macworld / iWorld 2013 conference in San Francisco.

This review of our presentation described the tips and tricks shared as “nothing short of dynamite”.

You can read more about the experience of presenting at such a large and prestigious event on the blogs of FLIGHT 10 students: Declan, John, Milan, and Thomas.

California FLIGHT 10

On January 25, 17 FLIGHT 10 students plus Mr. Bryan Hughes, Ms. Petra Willemse and Ms. Nancy Roberts, left from Bellingham to travel to San Diego.

This trip had a lot of background planning months in advance to have it happen. Beginning with the HTH residency the FLIGHT teachers attended in October, we knew we had to have our students see what project-based learning could be first hand. We wanted to take our students to High Tech High.

And so, that’s where we found ourselves from January 25 to 29 in San Diego visiting High Tech High. FLIGHT students got a chance to do a tour with HTH students and follow them from class to class. Our students were surprised to see the depth of the learning and engagement that the HTH students showed.

We also got to visit some of the area highlights, including the Midway, Sea World, and Cabrillo National Monument.

By January 29th, we were on the move again. Flying from San Diego to San Jose. From a hotel in Silicon Valley, we were able to day trip and explore several of the tech giants in the Valley, including Google, Intel and Apple. Stops included the Computer History Museum and Stanford.

Finally on January 31st we made our way to San Francisco to attend MacWorld. It was an honour for our FLIGHT 10 students to present their workshop ‘iPad Takes FLIGHT: 40 tips’ at the conference. Students had prepared for months and took this as an opportunity to shine.

With the conference over, it was time to head for home. Twenty happy and exhausted Seycove students and teachers returned!