Welcome back!

Welcome to a new school year! 

The FLIGHT team has been working throughout the summer on a developing an exciting, engaging, and rigorous learning experience for this school year.

We are excited to build on last year’s successes: FLIGHT students finished the year strong with provincial exam marks in Science 10 and English 10 that exceeded both the school and provincial averages. 

FLIGHT team for 2013/2014

The new school year has brought some changes to the teaching team for FLIGHT. Jaimie Ireland, Alena Irvine, and Stephanie Strandt have left Seycove, but we are excited to welcome Esther Clark to the FLIGHT faculty.

Esther taught at Seycove and Cove Cliff last year and was part of the school district delegation that attended the Project-based Learning Institute last fall at High Tech High in San Diego, California. 

Esther brings experience and enthusiasm to her new instructional role, and will work alongside Petra Willemse to lead instruction for FLIGHT 9 and 10. 

Also new for this school year is FLIGHT 11. We are excited about the opportunities presented for project-based learning with the rich curriculum content afforded by English and Social Studies 11 and our new course, Inquiry 11. Petra Willemse and Bryan Hughes will lead instruction for FLIGHT 11.

iPad requirement 

FLIGHT is a technology infused program that leverages the power of connected learning offered by one student-one device. The iPad is a required item for every FLIGHT student and is used to receive course materials (we don’t use conventional textbooks), but more importantly is used by students to create and publish learning objects and as a tool for personal expression.

All students are required to have a personal iPad and are expected to bring it to school fully charged on FLIGHT instruction days. We are recommending an iPad (third generation or newer) or an iPad mini with a minimum 32 GB capacity as the best option for students. 

Purchasing apps     

This year the school is able to purchase apps in volume quantities and receive special education discounts from developers. We are working on a plan to pass this savings on to you, so please don’t buy any required apps at this time. We will follow up with more information very soon as it becomes available.