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One of the constant refrains in education today is that “Screen time is harmful to teenagers”. Despite scientific studies disputing this claim, many people believe it is fact.

One explanation for this is the common misconception about the purposeful use of the technology in the learning. The SAMR model is one example of how teachers can use technology to redefine the learning task as opposed to just substituting it for another tool (like paper instead of slate or ballpoint pens instead of ink). 

The divide between people who see technology tools as being used for consumption only and thereby dismissing them and the teachers who are using those same tools for creation in their classroom is full of these type of misunderstandings and often come from a teacher’s fear that if they do not know themselves how to use a technology tool prior to instructing learner with it, then the learning will be lost.

Recently, Apple has been working to close that gap with the launch of their new campaign: Everyone Can Create. 

IMG 5153

The Everyone Can Create guides teach students to develop and communicate their ideas through drawing, photography, video, and music. Simultaneously, this gives our PLP teachers a way to ignite creativity by giving us a fun and meaningful way to bring these skills into any of our projects.

As one of Canada’s pilot schools for Everyone Can Create, PLP is proud to be bringing these guides to our projects in all our learners’ classes throughout this school year and into the future.

Look for more examples as we continue to learn together through these incredible resources.