After the great success we had with our PLP 9’s and their silent ghost town movies, we wanted to build that momentum even further and take on the video creator’s ultimate challenge: a live event. For the purposes of this project, we encouraged students to pick an actual live event (like a school sports meet), but we also said that students could create their own event if they couldn’t attend one.

As the activities in this chapter from the Everyone Can Create Video guide suggest, we started in the classroom by making an action plan in Notes for the event. Each student made their own checklist and planned out what shots they wanted to get and how they wanted to record it. 

Then, it was time to film. We had a wide variety of creations from the students!

Jordyn took an energetic look at a North Shore swim meet and as she reflected on her learning, she realized she “learned how to integrate an interview into a video properly and …how to film and put together a whole new genre of video!”. Plus if you visit her learning portfolio, she made a whole extra ‘Director’s Cut’ of her live event filming experience!


Jason decided to make his own event and turned a friendly game of ping-pong into an epic battle. As he adds, the experience was “really fun (and also very frustrating) to film”.



Nik finally got to show off his personal passion in class: golf!  In his video making, he realized: “you have to be smart when editing to make sure the whole thing fits in properly”. Check out his learning portfolio to see the trailer he made in addition!



All in all, as Luca summarizes, the students really learned from this project that “the planning before hand is really, really important”.