The Performance Learning Program (PLP) at Seycove Secondary has been honoured to receive official designation as an Apple Distinguished School!

Applying to be an Apple Distinguished School is by invitation only and is only given for a term of three years, so when PLP’s designation as an Apple Distinguished Program (a designation that no longer is given by Apple) ended its term in 2018, we were thrilled to be asked to apply.

Apple describes Apple Distinguished Schools as “some of the most innovative schools in the world”. These schools are centres of leadership and educational excellence that demonstrate exemplary learning environments. Apple products are used in these schools to inspire student creativity, collaboration and critical thinking. 

In PLP, our mission reflects these ideas as we aim to teach about the world and how it works, empowering learners to succeed and to make it a better place. We further it with our vision to make the hours a student spends at school the best hours of their day. By doing so, we aim to spark a lifelong curiosity and love for learning. 

As an Apple Distinguished School, PLP is recognized as a carefully cultivated environment in which students are excited about learning, curiosity is fostered and learning is a personal experience.

None of this could happen without the support of our awesome PLP community: our students and parents. Thank you for all your support!

Read from our application by downloading our book here!