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Calgary Science School Professional Development

On May 24 to 26, the FLIGHT teachers had the opportunity for more professional development. Bryan Hughes, Petra Willemse, Nancy Roberts and Greg Hockley attended the ConnectEd Conference at the Calgary Science School.

ConnectEd is a different type of conference. Its focus is on creating connections and conversations on things happening in the world of education.  People from around Canada joined in on these conversations, and continued to build connections long after the conference.  It was also an opportunity to check out the classrooms of a very innovative school and bring ideas back to our own classrooms.

The FLIGHT team also hosted a session on our own program, so people could learn about running a project-based learning program within a public school.

As is always the case with these events, we learned a lot and have taken a lot away to think about. Thank you so much to Dr. David Overgaard for supporting our visit.



Presentations of Learning

On the evening of January 16, 2013, FLIGHT held out first presentations of learning night. FLIGHT students had prepared for this evening for months in advance, making sure their projects were ready for a wide audience.

FLIGHT 9 students were presenting their Shoebox of Exploration. Their shoeboxes contained artifacts that told the story of an exploration to a place new to them. They included maps, diaries and even photos of their fantastic journey.

FLIGHT 10 students were presenting their Truth of Memory project. The shadow boxes and stories were all posted on the walls of the Hangar.

We had a good turnout of parents, staff and even some our seniors from the Memory project. Dr. Overgaard also shared his comments on the year in FLIGHT so far.

Thank you to all the FLIGHT students who came and showed their work.

HTH Residency

In October, the FLIGHT teachers (without Mr. Grant who has a beautiful new baby boy to take care of!) were pleased to join several other teachers and administrators from the Seycove family of schools and attend the fall residency at High Tech High, in San Diego.

High Tech High operates eleven schools in San Diego County. All of these schools serve a diverse, lottery-selected student population; all embody the High Tech High design principles of personalization, adult world connection, common intellectual mission, and teacher as designer.

The fall residency focused on project-based learning and gave the Seycove family of schools team, and specifically our FLIGHT team, a chance to talk with HTH teachers and students about their projects they have done, and to learn about ways to support both students and colleagues through the processes of project tuning and critique.

This visit has truly been enlightening for all of us. It will take awhile to fully digest all the learning we have done!