DI Project Regional Tournament, Review and Debreifing

Recently the whole PLP class has been working very hard on their DI (Destinaton Imagination) projects, and we have recently finished our tournaments. Each DI group had a different challenge, there was four groups of us and each of our groups had 1 different challenge. My group had the technical challenge “Pace of Change”, where we built a vehicle that carried one of our team members: me, the vehicle had to be propelled by a motor or something along those lines. The next challenge was the Scientific challenge “In Plain Sight” where you studied organisms and how they camouflage. After that came the Structural challenge “Musical Mashup” Where you made a musical structure that could be played and support weight. And finally the Fine Arts challenge “Get a Clue” where you almost make up a 90’s mystery show.

At the tournament all of us had a great time and lots of challenges, at the end of our tournament the awards ceremony promised us many things, and all of the teams did great, and my team, the pace of change group won the only solo award “The Divinci Award” for a creative story. Anyways the tournament went very well for all of us and we made a great finish to make it to provincials.

Here are some pictures of our tournament.


The end bow.


The end awards ceremony picture!

Next our group got invited to provincials! This was another great experience, and there were kids from China and Alberta too. Before we went, we made a few changes to our vehicle and set off to finish in second place!

I am hoping we can make it to globals to really show our creation and creativity. Our group works and has already worked really well together. DI is a wonderful place to show what you and your classmates can do! I hope we can make it to globals, as there will be 8 wildcards, meaning 8 different teams will be picked to go to the global championships in Tennessee.


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