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Hello everyone,

This weeks challenge is all about Photos and Copyright!

For this weeks student blogging challenge we had to explain why you can’t take most images off the web. Your first thoughts are probably why can’t you take images off the internet. The reason for that is copyright, copyright is when someone makes an image that you can’t use without permission from them. You might be asking why do they care if I use there work. Imagine this, you spend six hours writing this terrific essay and then, ne of your class mates comes and copies it and hands it in. You wouldn’t feel very good right, that’s what taking a image off the web and using for yourself without permission from the creator is like.

This is a photo I took last week at Yaquina head when we were in Oregon last week for a field school. I really like his hot because of how the lighthouse sits in the photo and in addition to the awesome scenery I think the clear sky looks really nice in the background. The amazing thing about the clear skies were when were at cannon beach just two days before it felt like we were in a storm. This just goes to show how quickly life can change.

Another part of this weeks blogging challenge was to make some image task cards. I put three Images which represent me. There is a caption beneath each one explaining them.

I chose this photo because first of all I love Basketball and secondly I like the angle

I chose this photo Because I love skiing and it is also very scenic which is very scenic and shows natures beauty which I like as well

I like this Image because it shows the beach and I love the beach and the Ocean which I spend a lot of my summer on

Big or small waves crashing against the shore

Everyone happy the changing forever more

All the amazing animals like clams, urchins and gulls

Can you spot a fish, whale or boat

How amazing the beach is, I want to there today