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Hi everyone,

This weeks Challenge is Free Choice. So I’m going to blog about my Hobbies. Photography, Basketball and Skiing.

Photography is a relatively new hobby for me. Ever since the end of this summer I have been interested in Photography. It started with me taking pictures of the sunsets at my cabin and my dog. But then it expanded, I started taking photos of the ocean, deer, my cousins and brother and so on. I now am just beginning to learn about photography. During the our Oregon Coast Field school (which I should have a blog post about by Monday), I really took some started to learn more about photography. I took some great shots which I will show down below. 

My Favourite things to take pictures of is more natural themed images and I also really like to take silhouettes. I have many pictures of sunsets as the sunsets at my cabin are terrific. My favourite places to take pictures are my Cabin, The Oregon Coast was really good also a really nice place to take photos, especially Yaquina Head and Beverley Beach State Park.

  • This is the lighthouse at Yaquina Head in Newport, Oregon.
  • This is a photo of the Ocean at Depoe Bay Oregon.
  • This is a Silhouette of my friends at Beverley Beach State park in Oregon I will link there blogs down below
  • This is a photo of a sunset in late August at my cabin

Basketball is my favourite sport. This year is my sixth year playing basketball. I now play for the  Vancity U-14 blue basketball team. I am a wing in Basketball which means I play shooting guard or small forward. My favourite thing to do in Basketball is shoot. Here is a video of me shooting.

I also love to watch the NBA, my favourite team is the Toronto Raptors. I am really Happy as the Raptors are right now the defending champions. If you like a NBA team please comment down below to let me know which is your favourite team.

Skiing is my other favourite sport. My favourite type of skiing is downhill skiing and my favourite mountain is Sun Peaks which is a resort near Kelowna, B.C, Canada. I have been skiing since I was 3 or about 10 years. My mom has been skiing since she was really young so she started me off with skiing very early. I started skiing on Mt. Seymour

lukasbieri / Pixabay

Here are some of the reasons I love skiing. I love being in nature. and I love how in skiing you get to chose what you do, you can choose your line, you can choose if you’re going to take a jump. That’s why I love skiing

So these are some of my hobbies. In the comments please tell me about your Hobbies!

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8 thoughts on “My Hobbies

  1. Hi Quinn! My name is Luca and I’m an Official Commenter! (I also go to the same school as you, Ms Maxwell told me!)

    Awesome blog here. I too love photography! Great photos of Oregon, I took some just like that when I was in grade 8 (they aren’t as good as yours though.) Keep taking photos, it’s a really good hobby to have and you’re great at it.

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