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Week 5 of the student blogging challenge is all about music. I’m doing three things to start off I’m going to have a playlist of some of my favourite songs, then I’m going to have a song I created, and finally I will have a survey about music.

The First song on this playlist is Middle Child by J. Cole. I like this song for quite a few reasons. First of all, I like how this song sounds. Also, If you listen to the lyrics he’s rapping about how he is different and he is proud of it. The next song is Ransom by Lil Tecca, I like this song because of how it sounds I kind of just like all the aspects. The next song is Did it Again, Also by Lil Tecca. I think the reason I like this song is because it is different from other rap songs with the Piano intro, the background rap and the drum machine. The next song is Shots, another song by Lil Tecca. I like this songs background synth and beat. This next song is quite different for one it is not a rap. It’s called Fly, by Marshmallow. I like this songs beat and how it changes from soft to louder and more intense. After Fly comes KOD, By J. Cole. This song is really unique for a rap song, especially the intro. Now we have The London, by Young Thug featuring J. Cole, and Travis Scott 2 of my favourite artists. I think the fact that it has so many different artists and a good beat is why I like it. After it’s Love me, by lil Tecca. I think I like the lyrics of this song, but I don’t mean the meaning but how it flows. Let you Down, by NF. This song is the only other more Pop like song on this playlist. I like this songs lyrics and and it’s beat and how it transitions between rap and Pop.

This is my song, I made it using loops in garage band. It’s called Waves.

Here is a link to my survey. I made it with crowd signal, if you ever need an online survey I would suggest using crowd signal, as it is very easy to use.

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  1. Quinn,
    What a fun post. I got to listen to some new music and learn why you chose each song. I really liked your own song, even with that fun break at about 2 minutes in. I like how it has a beat and different strengths with in it, from busy to soft.

    I love using loops in GarageBand too. I’m not very good at music; I don’t hear it well. By that I mean I can’t tell what notes are what when I try to sing along. I sound terrible! But I still love music.

    Thanks for sharing your music and ideas and providing a survey to interact with. You’re becoming an excellent blogger.

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