Hi everyone,

Due to the coronavirus pandemic which I’m sure you all know about. If you don’t about it then good for you, you’re still likely practicing social distancing. It has prevented us from being able to go to our physical school. Instead we have been doing schooling online. But this will be considered a major historical event by historians for hundreds of year to come. For our latest project we have become photo journalists. For this project I have made a photo essay about the affects the coronavirus pandemic has had on the vancity basketball community. 

For our first milestone we could take some selfies or go on a themed photo walk. I went on a themed photo walk. I chose the colour green. Below are some of my favourite photos. 

Our second milestone had us interviewing members of the community. I chose to interview two of my cousins who are in university. They both said university learning was hard but they were almost done (they’re now done), so lucky! 

In our third milestone we finally started on the end product. We made a story spine. As previously said I decided to focus on the vancity basketball community. Below is a screenshot of my story spine. 

The fourth milestone was a storyboard. In this milestone we planned each of our shots. I found this to be quite a difficult milestone as I often take on the fly photos. 

The final milestone was the actual photo essay. I found this milestone quite fun. I like photography and it was fun to go take all these photos. I embedded my photo essay below if you want to check it out. 

The driving question for this project was, “How can we, as photojournalists, tell stories of our community during this period of physical distancing?” I think my photo essay answers this question well. I have many photos detailing how my chosen community is affected by physical distancing. I do think my photos could of been more self explanatory though.