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Student Blogging Challenge

Hi everyone,

It’s the final week of the student blogging challenge. It’s been an amazing 8 weeks. I have learned many things about blogging. This was my first year participating in the student blogging challenge but I will be participating again next year.

Through the eight weeks did a massive variety of posts but there were two which I really liked, week 3 Fun with Photos, and week 5 Music. Although I liked all the weeks. I completed all eight weeks of the student blogging challenge. I didn’t get very many comments from other people but that’s ok.

These are all my blog posts

Week 1 Let’s Get to Know Each Other

Week 2 Connect Through Commenting

Week 3 Fun with Photos

Week 4 Free Choice

Week 5 Music

Week 6 Emojis

Week 7 Celebrations and Festivities

I will continue to post my work on this blog. After this, it will mostly be reflection posts. I’ll also be doing the student blogging challenge next year.

See you in 2020!


This weeks Student Blogging Challenge is about Celebrations! I’m going to explain a holiday from Christianity, Islam, Hinduism, Buddhism and, Judaism. Then I will have a poem I wrote about Christmas. First I will just list the holidays my family celebrates.

  • Christmas
  • Halloween
  • Easter
  • Canada Day
  • Thanksgiving

These are the holidays I will go over. Holi which originates from Hinduism, Ramadan which originates from Islam, Christmas which originates from Christianity, Vesak which comes from Buddhism and, Hannukah which comes from Judaism. 


Holi is a festival celebrated primarily in India and Nepal at the start of spring. It lasts one night and one day. It is known in the western world to be the festival of colour. The night of Holi involves a Holika bonfire to celebrate Vishnu a Hindu god’s triumph over evil. On the day of Holi people go out and throw coloured powder at each other on the streets. Recently kids go out in groups and use coloured water in water guns and some kids have found other creative ways to get each other colourful. Holi sounds really fun!


Ramadan is a month of fasting celebrated by Muslims around the world during the ninth month of the Islamic Calendar (April, May or June). It involves fasting for all daylight hours. Once the sun sets many families of feasts. Muslims believe Ramadan will cleanse them. 


Christmas is a christian festival celebrating the birth of Jesus Christ. Although, Christmas is celebrated by many non-Christian families around the world especially in the western world. My own family falls under that category. Christmas involves giving gifts to family and friends. Parents of younger children tell about a magical man from the North Pole who rides around on a sleigh pulled by nine reindeer comes down everyone’s chimney and gives kids who have been good gifts and kids who have been bad get coal.


Vesak celebrates the birthday of Siddhattha Gothama or the Buddha. It involves Buddhists going to their temples and hoist the Buddhist flag. It is normally celebrated in April or May.


Is an eight day jewish holiday celebrating the rededication of the temple of Jerusalem. It involves lighting candles on this special stand with 1 bigger candle in the middle and four smaller candles on either side. Every day you would light one of the smaller candles until they were all lit.


Hi everyone,

For this weeks student blogging challenge we had to do some stuff to do with Emojis! Personally I really like using emojis sometimes because you can often express more with emojis than text.

Emoji Quiz:

Here I have a slider for an emoji quiz. Don’t forget to leave your answers in the comments below!

Emoji Math:

Try and figure out what each emoji is worth in order to solve a math problem! Tell me your answer in the comments!

My New avatar. I’m deciding to change my avatar! I think this new avatar represents me better. First of all I’ve got my hair more similar to my real hair this time. Also, I have a facial expression. I’d say my facial expression is quizzical and I’m often quizzical.



Hi everyone,

Week 5 of the student blogging challenge is all about music. I’m doing three things to start off I’m going to have a playlist of some of my favourite songs, then I’m going to have a song I created, and finally I will have a survey about music.

The First song on this playlist is Middle Child by J. Cole. I like this song for quite a few reasons. First of all, I like how this song sounds. Also, If you listen to the lyrics he’s rapping about how he is different and he is proud of it. The next song is Ransom by Lil Tecca, I like this song because of how it sounds I kind of just like all the aspects. The next song is Did it Again, Also by Lil Tecca. I think the reason I like this song is because it is different from other rap songs with the Piano intro, the background rap and the drum machine. The next song is Shots, another song by Lil Tecca. I like this songs background synth and beat. This next song is quite different for one it is not a rap. It’s called Fly, by Marshmallow. I like this songs beat and how it changes from soft to louder and more intense. After Fly comes KOD, By J. Cole. This song is really unique for a rap song, especially the intro. Now we have The London, by Young Thug featuring J. Cole, and Travis Scott 2 of my favourite artists. I think the fact that it has so many different artists and a good beat is why I like it. After it’s Love me, by lil Tecca. I think I like the lyrics of this song, but I don’t mean the meaning but how it flows. Let you Down, by NF. This song is the only other more Pop like song on this playlist. I like this songs lyrics and and it’s beat and how it transitions between rap and Pop.

This is my song, I made it using loops in garage band. It’s called Waves.

Here is a link to my survey. I made it with crowd signal, if you ever need an online survey I would suggest using crowd signal, as it is very easy to use.

My Hobbies

Hi everyone,

This weeks Challenge is Free Choice. So I’m going to blog about my Hobbies. Photography, Basketball and Skiing.

Photography is a relatively new hobby for me. Ever since the end of this summer I have been interested in Photography. It started with me taking pictures of the sunsets at my cabin and my dog. But then it expanded, I started taking photos of the ocean, deer, my cousins and brother and so on. I now am just beginning to learn about photography. During the our Oregon Coast Field school (which I should have a blog post about by Monday), I really took some started to learn more about photography. I took some great shots which I will show down below. 

My Favourite things to take pictures of is more natural themed images and I also really like to take silhouettes. I have many pictures of sunsets as the sunsets at my cabin are terrific. My favourite places to take pictures are my Cabin, The Oregon Coast was really good also a really nice place to take photos, especially Yaquina Head and Beverley Beach State Park.

  • This is the lighthouse at Yaquina Head in Newport, Oregon.

  • This is a photo of the Ocean at Depoe Bay Oregon.

  • This is a Silhouette of my friends at Beverley Beach State park in Oregon I will link there blogs down below

  • This is a photo of a sunset in late August at my cabin

Basketball is my favourite sport. This year is my sixth year playing basketball. I now play for the  Vancity U-14 blue basketball team. I am a wing in Basketball which means I play shooting guard or small forward. My favourite thing to do in Basketball is shoot. Here is a video of me shooting.

I also love to watch the NBA, my favourite team is the Toronto Raptors. I am really Happy as the Raptors are right now the defending champions. If you like a NBA team please comment down below to let me know which is your favourite team.

Skiing is my other favourite sport. My favourite type of skiing is downhill skiing and my favourite mountain is Sun Peaks which is a resort near Kelowna, B.C, Canada. I have been skiing since I was 3 or about 10 years. My mom has been skiing since she was really young so she started me off with skiing very early. I started skiing on Mt. Seymour

lukasbieri / Pixabay

Here are some of the reasons I love skiing. I love being in nature. and I love how in skiing you get to chose what you do, you can choose your line, you can choose if you’re going to take a jump. That’s why I love skiing

So these are some of my hobbies. In the comments please tell me about your Hobbies!

Ryder’s Blog, Logan’s Blog, Cameron’s Blog

Fun with Photos!

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Hello everyone,

This weeks challenge is all about Photos and Copyright!

For this weeks student blogging challenge we had to explain why you can’t take most images off the web. Your first thoughts are probably why can’t you take images off the internet. The reason for that is copyright, copyright is when someone makes an image that you can’t use without permission from them. You might be asking why do they care if I use there work. Imagine this, you spend six hours writing this terrific essay and then, ne of your class mates comes and copies it and hands it in. You wouldn’t feel very good right, that’s what taking a image off the web and using for yourself without permission from the creator is like.

This is a photo I took last week at Yaquina head when we were in Oregon last week for a field school. I really like his hot because of how the lighthouse sits in the photo and in addition to the awesome scenery I think the clear sky looks really nice in the background. The amazing thing about the clear skies were when were at cannon beach just two days before it felt like we were in a storm. This just goes to show how quickly life can change.

Another part of this weeks blogging challenge was to make some image task cards. I put three Images which represent me. There is a caption beneath each one explaining them.

I chose this photo because first of all I love Basketball and secondly I like the angle

I chose this photo Because I love skiing and it is also very scenic which is very scenic and shows natures beauty which I like as well

I like this Image because it shows the beach and I love the beach and the Ocean which I spend a lot of my summer on

Big or small waves crashing against the shore

Everyone happy the changing forever more

All the amazing animals like clams, urchins and gulls

Can you spot a fish, whale or boat

How amazing the beach is, I want to there today

A post about how to comment on a post

Hi everyone,

Here are some super simple steps to leave a comment on my blog.

1. Select a post

2. Scroll down to the bottom of the post

3. Select Leave a reply

4. Type in your comment (search for commenting guidelines if you want to see that)

My Avatar

Hello everyone,

This is my Avatar, I think it really represents myself well. I made it in iMessage’s Memoji on my iPhone. I really like how I the software let me create my eye-colour because normally I can have troubles with that as it is a greeny-blue.


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