My last holiday was during the spring break of 2018 -2019. I went back to China with my family, mostly because we wanted to visit my grandparents, and some my old friends. After eleven and half hours of flight we finally had reached our old city (qingdao). It was already seven pm when we arrived, so we decided to visit my grandparents tomorrow.
the first thing that my grandpa saw me was giving me “red envelope” which means money- it’s a Chinese tradition when it’s Chinese New Year, but in this case, Chinese New Year just past a few days ago so it’s still not too late. I met my old friends as I have planned, and before the night that we came back my family went to eat roasted duck- my favorite food.


FuReal / Pixabay

And lastly it’s poem time:

on the last spring break,

my family went on a short holiday,

we finally visited my grandparents.


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  1. Hi Randy, my name is Alivia. I’m a teacher’s assistant from Canada, and I’m also an official commenter for the student blogging challenge!

    I really like your blog. It looks like you put in some real effort to make it your own!

    Your post was very informative, and to the point. The poem was a nice touch. I just have two comments. One, make sure you capitalize the letters at the beginning of your sentences. Also, unless you or I are time travellers from the future, I don’t think the spring break of 2019-2020 has occurred. If you are a time traveller and I just broke your cover, oops!

    Good luck on future posts!

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