Hi its Raymond, This week of the student blogging challenge we were given a free choice, Since I am a baseball fan this post is about the playoffs. Going into the playoffs I predicted Dodgers and Astros in the World Series. The Astros did make the World Series but the Dodgers had a tough game 5 in the NLDS with the Nationals beating them and going on to NLCS and now the World Series. I would have never thought the Nationals would have came from the Wild Card all the way to the World Series. Even though I may not be rooting for the Nationals I do have to give it to them for coming all the way from there. I definitely want to mention Juan Soto who has played incredible baseball through the playoffs and he just turned 21. Another person I would mention is Anthony Rendon, he has just been tearing up the baseball in important moments. At the moment I am watching game 7 of the World Series and I have got butterfly’s in my stomach, this game is super stressful and very exciting. Some honourable mentions in the playoffs/World Series are Alex Bregman who is one of my favourite players and also Howie Kendrick who has basically sent the Nationals to the NLCS and hit a go-ahead home run just a few minutes ago. The Astros now go into the bottom of the 9th behind by four, one out… two outs… the Nationals have won the World Series.