In PLP we have a course called scimatics and yes it is science and math combined. Our driving question was how does the movement of Earth’s tectonic plates cause observable changes and effects. We just finished a project on tectonic plates and our end task was to make a children’s book about tectonic plates and presented it to the local grade 4/5’s. I was surprised at how much they actually knew about tectonic plates. The way our projects go in PLP is that we have milestone which are key projects for the end goal and we stepping stones which are tasks that lead up to a milestone. In this particular project we had 6 milestones and this blog post is the sixth.

We were evaluated on three curricular competencies evaluating, questioning and applying/innovating. We had to show these curricular competencies throughout these milestones and stepping stones. Gaining knowledge came from digital textbooks about the topic. We had some short quizzes to show our understanding and we had to apply it to a book.

For the evaluating competency we had the tectonics textbooks. I think my evaluating for this particular task was ok. I took notes and applied it as best I could I did improve as the project went on and I think I will strive to improve this competency even more.

The questioning competency was in a project where we made convection racers and a tectonics test. I especially enjoyed making the convection racer boats because I like the building process and you get exited if your creation works. I think that this competency is something that I have a pretty strong grasp of but will still strive to improve.

For the third competency was the applying and innovating this includes our tectonics books and this blog post. I am particularly fond of this competency because it includes putting all of your knowledge together to create the end product. I think that I have done this pretty well and I especially would like to keep doing this because I think it could help in the future.