This post today is about a unit maker that we just finished in school. You may be thinking, what is maker?. Maker is a subject exclusive to our program called PLP. It consists of designing being a good digital citizen and of course making things. I would like to show you what we have made in our project called “The Power of A Pencil”. This project was about using our apple pencils.

The first milestone in this project was name art. This was pretty cool and I enjoyed it a lot. I started off with my name in big block letters and then I added some two point perspective and I filled the letters in with the fill tool in sketches pro. It was still a bit blank so I changed the colour of the background and added some texture.

Milestone two was about taking sketch notes. We watched a video called “The Power of Belief” and we took sketch note on it. The big things about this was the lettering, connectors and symbols.

The third milestone was making a self portrait of ourselves. We utilized the layers feature in sketches pro. I tried my best with the shading. This does not really look like me, it’s a little bit scary but it helped me learn more about shading.

The fourth milestone was drawing a fruit bowl. Like the self portrait we used layers to trace the real life version. In this project we used lots of colour this time and the blending of colours with shading.

In the fifth milestone we had to make a logo. This logo represents me because I like baseball. For this we used an apple app called “Keynote”. This was about using symbols, shapes, colours and text to represent your company.

The most important thing about this project was the competency being assessed and that was about being an empowered learner. I have felt empowered by the apps that I have been using. I am lucky that I get to use these because they are so powerful. In my name art for example, it would have taken so much longer to make that if I did it on a piece of paper. It is just so easy to switch tools and create layers so this also made me like drawing more. I have learned that you are not limited of capabilities when you are on a iPad. This unit was super fun and I would like to take the things I learned and put that into what I do normally.