The latest scimatics project has been a fun one. Seeing the name “Ultimate Design Challenge” got me intrigued. The big idea for this project was The relationship of between surface area and volume of 3D objects can be used to describe, measure, and compare spatial relationships. “The driving question was “How can we maximize the surface area or volume of an object?”. This then lead us to make our own driving question that better suited our plan for the 3D object so me and my partner Josh made our driving question “How can we design powder skis for maximum surface area?”. Down below is what our skis and ski bindings look like. The next part is the competencies listed below.

Communicating and representing: This competency was about explaining and justifying mathematical ideas and decisions. I met the requirements by clearly explaining the formulas and also showing the steps and what the outcome of what I was measuring was.

Reasoning and analyzing: This competency was about modelling mathematics in contextualized experiences. I met this by writing and labeling the formulas I used in the final presentation and stating what shapes were for whatever formula.

Applying and innovating: This competency was to contribute to care for self, others, community, and world through personal or collaborative approaches. I met this by working well and efficiently with my partner in collaboration for our 3D models, calculations and final presentation.

Communicating and representing: This was about Explaining and justifying mathematical ideas and decisions. I met this by creating a keynote presentation and explaining the mathematical decisions that me and my partner made to ultimately find the surface area, volume and ratio of our 3D models.

Overall I enjoyed this project and now I’m looking forward to the next scimatics project associated with cells and diseases.