We just finished another Scimatics project called “The Ultimate Road Trip”. In this project we were asked to plan how to spend from $9500 – $10000 in an Ultimate Road trip. The driving question was how can we model changes over time, this would mean we would need to make a graph and so that brings me to one of our big ideas which is continuous linear relations. We then put these together on a graph and then we have graphing linear relations.

Next up are the curricular competencies

Reasoning and analyzing: I used this competency effectively when doing the budget, I made an accurate chart of the money I spent and also made it very close to $10000. 

 Communicating and Representing: For this competency I met it by showing understanding of equations graphing and creating a map to represent mathematical ideas in concrete, pictorial, and symbolic forms. I showed a good looking graph and also used an accurate equation.

Connecting and Reflecting: For this I have shown a great connection with mathematical concepts and have accurate answers. I am also able to connect that with this project and what I have chosen to do and where to go on my road trip.

My project was a trip going from Vancouver, BC all the way down to Yosemite, CA. It took me 14 days and I stopped at 5 different places in total. I started at Vancouver went to Whistler then down to Seattle, after at I went to Portland and then finally Yosemite. The total money that I used was $9985.95. In my opinion this was a great project even though it only lasted 4 weeks.