Finishing up our first week of this new project was no easy task, but we did a lot of learning. So let’s walk through the top three things I learned from this first week so far. Before we get into that I bet you’re probably thinking “what is this project about?” This project is called “Rise of the Frankenstuffies” and it is all about the Industrial Revolution. So how do those relate exactly? In short we cut up some stuffies sewed new body parts on them and made a story about them that includes the Industrial Revolution.


My Frankenstuffie

First thing I learned the Industrial Revolution started much before I thought it did. It started from 1700-1800 and this was known as the agricultural revolution, here is where people were starting to change the way they farmed and harvested crops. Things like the seed drill invented by Jethro Tull, crop rotation which allowed for more crops to being grown and new breeding techniques like farmers breeding only their best sheep.

Another thing I learned is that trains were really popular during the industrial revolution and they were so revolutionary that we still use them today. Trains were much faster and more reliable than coaches. The development of trains came from the increasing of good and that meant they needed to move them in a better faster way. Then this lead to bigger cities because transportation was much quicker and more accessible and also the spread goods and ideas.

Finally, I learned that the Industrial Revolution played a big role in what is now one of the if not biggest problem facing humanity right now which is climate change. Don’t get me wrong the Industrial Revolution had many positive effects like better housing, increase in wealth and the production of goods. But now because of the harmful pollution of the Industrial Revolution, people today face a huge problem that could lead to the extinction of humanity.

Those were the top three things I learned about the Industrial Revolution. These were all courtesy of a lecture from Ms. Willemse. Next week will include lots of video and more Industrial Revolution so be on the look out for next week’s post.