We made it past the last week of our “Rise of the Frankenstuffies” project and now its time to look back on my learning. If you have not checked out my formative blog post you can find that HERE. Now onto what I have learned in this last week.

This week we went through the creation of our final video. This video was to have a story about your frankenstuffie and also had to integrate the Industrial Revolution into it. My story was about my frankenstuffie who is a cow living in a barn. One day he gets transported to a slaughterhouse and the story goes on from there. You can see the video below.

The competencies we needed to integrate were cause and consequence and historical significance. The way I put cause and consequence into my video was with the slaughterhouse, “what about the slaughterhouse?” You may ask, this showed what toxic chemicals were released into the atmosphere. These chemicals played a huge role in climate change, but another consequence of these slaughterhouses was that they provided clean meat in high quantities for the growing population and increased demand during the Industrial Revolution.

Now, onto the historical significance, this is about the events that took place being worth remembering. Here we see that slaughterhouses were significant because the outcome of them still resonates and affects us today in the form of, again climate change. Historical significance also comes in when we talk about how meat became accessible to many people because that made meat accessible to the people of today.

The way I created this film my goal was to keep people engaged for the story. I made it so there were lots of moving visuals to compliment the audio. When it came to the explanation of the events happening I tried to keep them concise and easy to follow. This film accounted for a lot of work and editing but in the end, I thought it came out pretty good considering the time I had to create it.