About me

Hi there. My name is Rhiann and I’m in grade 8. Some cool facts about me are that I love to dance, play video games and swim. I am new to blogging and I will probably blog about school stuff or my dance life. So stay tuned for more posts. Also my friends have blogs themselves so make sure you check them out as well. Their sites are www.blog44.ca/ally’s/   And    Www.blog44.ca/Alexandria’s/


ps. I am Canadian.🇨🇦

4 thoughts on “About me

  1. Hey Rhiann

    This looks like such a personal blog. I can tell who you are the minute I look at it (that is a good thing).

    I just started my blog too, its neat to see someone just like me starting their blog at the same time

    Keep your blog great,

  2. Hi Rhiann! I also love to dance and hang with my friends too! It’s something we share and have in common! Keep up the awesome work!

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