Week 5 of the student blogging challenge.

Hey guys it’s me Rhiann again and this is a drawing I made of different types of people. So what this photo represents is the different people that eat their food differently. Personally I am more like the one on the right because I hate my food touching where as my friend Ally would mix all of her food like the drawing on the left. Comment down below which drawing would represent you.😜

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  1. Astaneh at |

    hi Rhiannh

    Actually it depends on the food components.
    In some foods making them mixed will bring a better taste.
    But that was a good and simple post according the challenge topic.


    #STUBC commenter

  2. dora at |

    good job on ur art

  3. Evelyn at |

    I’m part of STUBC too!
    For me, it changed over time. I used to like my food separated for a while, then ended up liking my food together.
    P.S. Here the link to my site: http://evelynyli.edublogs.org/about-me/

    I don’t get many visitors.

  4. Kamryn Bittle at |

    Hey Rhiann! It’s me Kamryn. I love your drawings they’re absolutely fantastic. I’m exactly the same way as you I completely agree that my food should not be touching and it has to be seperated. Unlike my friends just like you they like their food touching to which is just absolutely gross. I did a blog similar to this so if you think you’d enjoy it you should go check it out and leave a comment, http://2024kab.edublogs.org/

  5. Andrew at |

    Hi! I’m Andrew. I am the person on the right because I just don’t like mixing foods. I only mix certain foods, but not many. Come visit my blog and leave a comment, https://2024amb.edublogs.org


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