Making an ornament

Hey guys it’s me again and this weeks blogging challenge is Christmas. So I decided to make a Christmas ornament. The way that I decided to make this ornament that I’m about to show you is that I was looking on Pinterest and found this ornament D.I.Y and so here’s me making it.

Hope you enjoyed it and comment down below if you’ve made a Christmas ornament.

5 thoughts on “Making an ornament

  1. Hi Rhiann,

    I was so impressed with your video! I’m going to share it in tomorrow’s week 9 STUBC post so everyone can take a look. It looks like you’re experienced with making videos? What program did you use?

    I’d like to try your craft activity myself. My daughter is only 5 but she loves craft. Do you think it’ll be too hard?

    Best wishes,
    Kathleen Morris

    1. To answer your questions i used the IMovie app and this craft was really easy all you need to do is tie ribbons around a stick.

  2. Hello Rhiann, I am Amanda. I thought that this was a very cool craft. I like it, because it looks really pretty, but it’s not confusing to do. I think it looks really nice on a tree, and I think I might try it too. I thought the video was really well made. Good job on the craft and visit my blog at and leave a comment.

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