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Hey guys it’s Rhiann and in this blog post I will be doing a reflection on my latest humanities unit. In this unit there were 6 milestones. The driving question was “how has the transition from grade 7 to 8 changed your worldview”

The first milestone was where the class had to put any questions (need to know) on a board and our teacher Ms. Willemse would answer them. The one that I asked was “when is this unit done” and her answer was February 8 but it actually ends on February 25.

The next milestone was that we had to write a paragraph about the changes to worldview that the crusades brought either Western Europe or Muslims. I was at an Orthodontist appointment when she announced this so I asked my friend later and she said that we had to write about which side we were on and three reasons why. So I didn’t know that I did it wrong until now when I saw the document that said what we had to do.

In this unit we had to read a book called the book of the lion and we had 3 different role sheets. On the first one i did really well then I started losing interest in the book so I started to get worse at filling out the sheet.


Then we moved on from the crusades and we started to work on our own worldview by making a triple Venn diagram about the different changes of worldview from grade seven to grade eight. I found this kinda hard because we had to read a big essay for one section.

Before the last milestone we had to make a mindnode of all the aspects of worldview and we had to make it relate to the triple Venn diagram. This was easy but one of the aspects is economy which symbolizes money/cost and i couldn’t come up which anything for that.

The final milestone was to re-write a song by R.E.M and change the lyrics to our worldview. We made a couple Lyric drafts then we started recording. My final draft was when i was sick and it sounded terrible. Then our teacher put us in groups and gave us a twist. My group was me, Alex, Thomas and Ryan. The twist was that we hade to mash our lyrics together into one song and record it. That’s not the bad news tho. We had to get the grade 11’s (my brother Alex’s class) to listen to it. But it actually wasn’t that bad.

Hope you guys enjoyed this post and listen (if you want to) to the video.

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