DI regionals reflection

DI reflection

By the looks of the title of this post you guys may be wondering, what’s DI?
Well today I will be explaining what DI is, I will talk about my experience and reflect on it. Let’s get started.

DI stands for Destination Imagination. Destination Imagination is an organization that gives challenges to students  in kindergarten to grade 12 that they have to solve. It is sponsored by a great range of companies and organizations. PLP takes part in this competition every year in grades 8-10.

Now let’s start from the beginning.
I knew that DI would come around at some point since my brother has done it before. The first thing we did was fill out a form that said which challenge we wanted to do, who we worked best with and who we can’t work with. For the challenge I put down that I wanted to do the scientific challenge and I got it. My group was myself, Ciara, Kira, Kaden, Finn and Angelo. This was a good group and we worked together well. We then started getting organized, deciding who is the manager of which section, our team choice elements, the story and many more things.

  • Managers

Now the competition:

The regional competition was at my school so my group just had to move our props and stuff to a different room which was pretty easy. We had to be at the competition all day Saturday and it was tiring. I watched a lot of other teams preform. My group preformed our solution and it went pretty well. Then there were awards. Everyone was crossing their fingers listening to the top three being announced. “And in second place Humerus”. The seycove teams started cheering as my group walked up and got our ribbons. Then after the awards we all had to clean up. It took a while.


Now my team is preparing for provincials which I’m super excited for.

Hope you guys enjoyed this post, my next post will be of me making the ULTIMATE fort. Stay tuned.

Peace ✌️

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