SBC | Final Week

This has been really fun to participate in the SBC for a second time. Although I found the challenges quite repetitive from last time I did quite enjoy coming up with good ideas for these challenges.

For this week I will be doing a review styled post.

What I first did for this post was that I took the SBC quiz on what I liked, what I learned and what I could do better. I would suggest that you take this quiz.

The second thing I will be doing for this post is adding all the links to previous SBC blog post of either this year or last.



week 1.                       Week 2.                            Week 3

week 4.                       Week 5.                            Week 6

Week 7.                             Week 8

week 9                                 Week 10



week 1.                        Week 2.                           Week 3

week 4.                         Week 5.                          Week 6

Week 7.                          Week 8



now for an update as usual of how many comments I have which is now a new found tradition when I do the SBC.






This was such a fun challenge I hope to do it in future years.










One thought on “SBC | Final Week

  1. Hi Rhiann,

    What an awesome way to wrap up the challenge by providing quicklinks to all your previous challenge posts! Very clever!

    I looked back at your week 4 bloopers video. It looked like you were having a lot of fun but a question popped into my mind. I wonder how the American Revolution is explained in Canada? What is the perspective and how might it differ from American textbooks? Very intriguing and something we don’t think about very often.

    Congratulations on finishing the SBC and I wish you lots of luck, and lots of fun, in the rest of the school year. Thanks so much for sharing your thoughts!


    Mrs. Ruffing
    Volunteer Commenter, USA

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