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Hello and welcome to another blog. Our recent assignment was to record an event that happened in our lives. For this video I had some trouble thinking of any events but then one popped into my head, my cousins 2nd birthday party was coming up, this was a perfect idea of showing the preparation for the event and the actual event.

This was really fun to prepare for on my behalf since I got to help my mom decide on the gift and also I got to make the card. Me and my mom decided to get my cousin a backpack that contains musical instruments, we also got a little plaid shirt and some sparkly pants. The card had a ton of heart, balloon and cupcake sticker.

The party was so much fun, when we arrived we started by setting up. We put all the drinks in the fridge, put tablecloths on the tables, set up the food and got paw patrol on the TV for the kids to watch for a bit. Once we set up, lots of family started arriving. Some of my cousins around my age brought some games to entertain us. The first game we played was kind of like a twister/simon says card game. You would pick up a card, it would either be green or red, the green cards would tell you to touch your ear or put your elbow higher than your shoulder or something like that. The red cards would tel you something like put this card on your head or put this card on your right forearm. But if you stoped on of these actions you would be eliminated. The second game was a cool trivia game where you would wright your answer with a number, you would vote to which answer you think is correct. If you guessed right you get a certain amount of tokens.

After having a lot of fun with those 2 games it was time for some dinner, we had some delicious Chinese food. On my plate was garlic pork, chicken, shrimp, my grandma’s sausage rolls and some bread that my grandpa made. It was super delicious. After having some dinner we had cake. Casey had a huge smile as we sang happy birthday. After blowing out the candles we enjoyed some awesome cake. After having digested all that food it was time for Casey to open some present. She opened the present so quick that my aunt couldn’t keep up. But is was adorable to see Casey’s expressions as she opened each gift.

Once done with gifts it was time to clean up and head home.

Here is my interview with my aunt:

1. How did you choose the options for the meal?
2. How long did it take you to create two cakes?
3. What recipe did you use for the cake?
4. What type of icing did you put on the cake?
5. Do you think Casey had a good time?
6. What do you think was Casey’s favourite part?

1. Brainstormed a few options, decided that everyone would enjoy Chinese food and it would be easy to order
2. About an hour to put each one together, bake for 55 minutes, wait for it to cool
3. Orange chiffon cake
4. 7 minute icing
5. Yes
6. Running around, singing happy birthday, seeing everyone, opening presents


This was such a fun event and I can’t wait till next year when My little cousin will turn 3.

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