The Bonding of friendship | a Chemistry story

Did you know that if different elements bond they can create a compound?

Today I will be talking about our latest chemistry unit in scimatics. We started of by learning about chemical bonding with this we started our first experiment where we had to follow these instructions:






After following these steps we had to observe and reflect on some questions and reflect on the reaction and changes.






After this we learnt more about chemical bonding, formulas, covalent compounds and many more things to help us with our project.

We eventually heard about our project and how we have to create a short story on chemical bonding. for the longest time I couldn’t figure out what to focus the short story on. I eventually sat down and thought through “what is bonding? What is a form of bonding we see daily?” Then it hit me. Friendship, that’s what I’ll focus my story on. So I started out by drawing my borh models.



I had a bit of trouble understanding how to draw a borh model but after some time I figured it out and got that accomplished. ✅ the next step in this process was the story board, I new I wanted it to be focused on the bonding of friendship but it took me a while to figure out the foundation of the story.



Then we started animating on explain everything, it took longer than I thought on creating this. First I animated, then edited, then added music and voice over, and finally I handed it in. I thought I completed it and was proud. But then I was told to revise it and better show how the chemicals bonded and that I did not represent it enough. I took this as good advice and worked on it quite a bit to animate that extra part. Once I submitted it for the second time I got the mark back and realized that I could have done better.



In conclusion I wish that I could have worked harder to better understand the core competencies on this project and to better represent the bonding of chemicals. I hope to do better on our next unit.

One of the curricular competencies that I can work on is


formulate physical or mental theoretical models to describe a phenomenon 

I think that to work on this competency I have to go over my work and try my best to better understand the demands and expectations of a project outline to communicate the message though the next project.





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