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A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away…..

  • Endor Moon

Our class knew that this December the new Star Wars movie was to be released in theatre. So we knew that for this years winter exhibition it would be based on Star Wars. So lets begin.

We started this unit by learning the different aspects of story telling and story plot. The different aspects we learned through this unit were: Departure, fulfillment and return. There are other aspects of more detail such as plot, setting, character, conflict, point of view, symbol, theme. I found that though learning these aspects it gave me a better understanding of a story plot in the way of details.

While learning these new concepts we started our project for the humanities side. Our goal was to write a story about a character that somehow helps in the Star Wars franchise and had to relate to a certain planet. My group (Ally, Kaia, Asha, Liam, Ben and Ryan) got the planet Endor. This is great since one of my favourite planets. This was also great because it gave us a variety of characters to write about. After a lot of discussing review and research our group decided to write about an Ewok named Nicki. This Ewok appears at the end of the 6th Star Wars movie (return of the Jedi) doing a cartwheel at the celebration. My group decided to have our character help in the battle of endor by having her distract some imperial troopers.

We had to do quite a lot to create this story, first we came up with a brief plan for the story, then we split the story into seven parts so each member of the group could write a part. After deciding what parts we wanted we each made a plot diagram describing exposition, rising action, climax, falling action and resolution. After this we started our first draft of our story. I think that it was good for a first draft but not as good as it could be, so I worked harder on it and tried to make it as best as possible for the final draft. Once done our final draft we printed it of and put on a board for the exhibition.

As all of this is going on in the humanities side of this project we also had the maker side to all of this. Now here’s where it gets crazy. We had to create something that has to tie in with the part in the story that we wrote. This took me a while to figure out since I’m quite creative and can’t always think of just one idea. But I eventually came up with the idea of building a stormtrooper helmet out of cardboard. This took me a while to research but after a while I found a video of someone making the helmet out of cardboard. I tried my best to recreate the helmet. After three days of hard work it was complete, in the end it was created with cardboard, hot glue gun, news paper and paint. It did not turn out how I wanted it to be. It was too tall and narrow, i got the measurements wrong on some parts and some parts were bulgy. But it was still really cool that I was able to accomplish it.

Then it was time to get ready for exhibition. This was a lot of fun to put together but took a lot of work. The first few steps were to receive our designated room and create a floor plan to show how we want to set up our room. This was just the start of it, our group collaborated with a grade eight group. Our goal was to make it so if you walk into our room you would be transported to Endor. This goal was a bit exaggerated but that mad us set our minds to it. We had to go out and get all the supplies we needed so our group decided to split up the jobs.


• Ham solo’s – Simon
• Yoda soda (mountain dew)- Ryan
• Ewok jerky (beef jerky)- Rhiann
• Cambylictus berries (fruit and candy)- Kaia
• Ants on a log (cream cheese)- Evelyn


• Pin the tail on the ewok – Kaia
• Endor trivia – Ryan and Dries as part of pamphlet
• Photo Cut-out – Ally, Rhiann, Kaia

• Grade 9’s – 4
• Grade 8’s – ??
• Food – 1


• Ryan – Spear
• Liam – Imperial Shuttle (clay model)
• Asha – Animation (travel ad for Endor)
• Rhiann – Stormtrooper Helmet (cardboard)
• Ally – Hologram (Princess Leia)
• Benjamin – Spear and heart (paper mâche) (paper mâche dented helmet)
• Kaia – Environment Replicator (VR Animation)

• Quinn – Eco-friendly civilization
• Simon – Star Fighter
• Evelyn – Anti-slavery poster
• Raymond – Music Remix
• Sophia – Models of trees
• Dries – Timeline

Ewok Village:

• Scream Box as Ewok hut – will paint 3 or 2 sides
• Dries and Liam are residents in village
• Admiral Akbar’s Snack Bar is inside village
• Asha is designing it

Great Tree:

• Cardboard
• Green paper

Forestry and Plants:

• Asha, Ben, and Kaia will bring in plants
• Everybody else is encouraged to bring plants


• Wrapping paper over lights
• Rhiann – Lightup Bluetooth speaker, three starlights, curtain light
• Benjamin – lamps that can change colour
• Kaia – string lights, green Christmas tree lights
• Asha and liam May be able to bring lights and white Christmas lights
• Part of overhead lights will be turned off

It so quickly fell on the day of exhibition, for the past week we had been getting organized. While sitting through some of my other non PLP class I sat and worried that it would be a huge mess and that we wouldn’t have time. Once that 3:00 bell rung I was feeling panicked. After a few hours of rushing around we got it done, it looked amazing, it might not have been what we wanted it to turn out but it was great. We got a quick break to devour some pizza and then they would let the spectators in. When I say spectators I mean everyone’s families come to see all of it.

As I look back on this project I reflect on what I could have changed, improved and even my accomplishments. Through this project I was able to learn how to communicate better, show my work in a creative way and a written project, and was able to enjoy a project and just calm down when things are tough.

Thanks for reading and sorry for it being so long.

remember to just chill🌿❄️

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