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Hey guys and welcome back to my blog. I haven’t done a post in a while due to summer break but now im back to school. Today’s topic is the structure of the Canadian government and election. But before I get into my opinion I will explain the student vote at our school. My PLP class ran our school’s student vote. We ran it in the morning, during first block, and lunch. My job was to go to different classes and bring them down to the library to vote. After school the people in my class who were clerks counted the ballots. Here are the results:

NDP got 1,216 votes, Liberal got 1,069 votes, Conservative got 541 votes, Green got 506 votes, and PPC got 216 votes.

The results of the actual election in our area is that the liberal candidate won.

The question for this post is; how is the Canadian government and election structures? To answer the first part of this question I created a puppet show, however I will be typing the second part.

How the Canadian Government is structured:

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The way the election is structured:

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There are parties, these parties are made up of people with common goals and views. One person from each party will run in their local area and if elected will represent that area. There win then adds to their leader, the party with the most local area wins gets their leader elected prime minister.

In my opinion I realized that I understand the structure of the government however I dislike the structure of the election. I find it difficult to decided who to vote for due to the fact that you can only vote for someone running in your area and cannot control who becomes prime minister. An example of this is that in my area the candidate my parents want to vote for is apart of the liberal party, however they do not want Trudeau to be re-elected. I was informed by one of my classmates (Fraser) that in New Zealand you can vote for both your local area and who you would like to see as prime minister.

I hope this post informed you about the government, election, and my opinion.

Peace ✌️


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