Ultimate Frisbee | Why You Should Join

Above is a highlight video of the US 2021 mixed championship. Most teams from university onwards are separated into males and females however there are some mixed teams and most high school teams are also mixed. Below are a few reasons why to join the sport, different opportunities, and a brief explanation of what ultimate frisbee is.

There are many reasons why to join the ultimate team. It’s a really fun sport whether playing it recreationally or competitively. This sport isn’t always about wining but about having fun and bringing spirit to the game. Playing ultimate really helps build up stamina. Yes, there is quite a lot of running involved in this sport however the constant practice of running builds up stamina. Another reason is that there is no rush to build up skills. Even though there are skills needed to play ultimate, the only skills you really need are knowing how to throw and catch a frisbee. With this sport you don’t need any previous knowledge and you can work the ultimate season to build up skills.
Ultimate is a mix of a few different sports (football, basketball, and rugby). The way a game of ultimate is played is when two teams start at either ends of the field. Once the frisbee is released the game begins and goal is to get the frisbee to the end zone to score a point. The teams need 14+ members to have two rotating lines of 7. There are two main types of throws, backhand and forehand or as some call it, flick. You can find a tutorial here. https://youtu.be/lNQexzgzvw4
There are many opportunities for playing ultimate frisbee. The main options for a student to play are clubs, clinics, and school teams. There are many summer clubs that one can join. I myself joined Wildfire/Bonfire, but there are many more like elevate ducks or misfit. These clubs are a great way to continue playing ultimate during the summer. There are quite a number of ultimate clinics being run. Some of the best ones that I would highly recommend are VUL clinics and Elevate clinics. The third opportunity is school team. Our current school team didn’t have enough people interested for a team so we did not have a season this year. I hope that this has persuaded some interest to tryout next year so we can hopefully.

I hope that this blog post was able to help you understand a bit about the sport and I hope it was able to make you consider joining.

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