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Hey, hi, hello. Welcome back to another post. This post is going to be talking about something I have talked about in the past. Historical significance. Now as most people know, the past is everything that has ever happened. Whereas history is specific significant events from the past that have left great impact. Now with this in mind lets dive into the post.

Now talking about historical significance I thought I would give an example of a significant event that impacted communication and technology. The invention of the telegraph and morse code. Before the telegraph was invented communication was different. It was different for each culture, for example civilizations in China, Egypt and Greece used drumbeats of smoke signals to communicate over long distances. Then the telegraph was developed in the 1830s and 1840s. Samuel Morse (the inventor) sent the first telegraph message in 1844 from Washington D.C to Baltimore Maryland. Until the early 19th century telegraphs were not wireless causing weather to effect to communication. The electric telegraph was then created allow contact with ships, trains, and places of longer distance. 

With the invention of the telegraph came the creation of morse code. Samuel Morse and Alfred Vail assigned letters to certain sets of dots and dashes. More commonly used letters got simpler codes compared to those less common. Nowadays we may no longer have telegraphs however we still use morse code. One of the main ones is SOS signalling. There are two main ways I know of to do this. One is three whistle blasts, this will usually get someone’s attention and someone will help. The second is to do the morse code for SOS (3 dots, 3 dashes, 3 dots) with a flashlight.

Before I delve into why i think this event is significant I want to explain what makes a historical event. A historical event is determined by historians. These events need to leave an impact over both time and distance (geographically). For example the creation of the atomic bomb is significant whereas buying chocolate milk instead of eggnog isn’t significant. 

Now, with the knowledge of what makes something significant I think that the creation of the telegraph and morse code is a significant event. Without the telegraph we would probably not have developed phones or a well known way of signalling for help. Now knowing this it’s strange to think what our lives would have become without Samuel Morse and many great inventors. 

Thanks for reading this post. If you want to learn more about the telegraph click this link. Stay tuned for my next post. 

Peace ✌️ 

Our Revised Government!!

Hey, hi, and hello. Welcome back to my blog where not all those who wander are lost (J.R.R Tolkien). In this post I will be continuing on the topic of politics, like my last two posts (election reflection & Press release) . Before we get into the post I want to briefly explain our recent project. With the recent election we started a project about Canadian politics. The main focus of this project is to answer the question, how should we govern ourselves? My answer to this before we delved into this project was; I thought the way we currently govern ourselves is fine. Now, onto the post.

One of the assignments from this project that I think was the key to this project being successful was the vote compass test. For this we had to go to vote compass and answer some questions. My results from it:

I discovered this to be important once we got our groups for creating political parties. When we were put in our group we all looked at each other’s vote compass results to discover that we all got very similar results. This ended up with us all agreeing, for the most part, on our groups ideologies. After forming our group I than began to rethink my answer to the driving question and started to think there might be some things that need to be changed.

The next thing I would like to talk about in this post are Zettlekasten. Zettles are notes, either permanent, literature, or fleeting. We learned what and how to take each of these types of notes using a program called craft . I found that this method off note taking is similar to the one I started using in march. It helped me find notes easily with the magic of linking and I was able to add those notes to my posts. I will definitely continue to use this method of organization and will create a post soon to explain them more in depth.

Reform & Revise. This is what our group (Izzy, Natalie, Zoe, and Ben [links to their posts] ) decided to call our political group. As I mentioned earlier in the post, we all had similar views on politics and how we should govern ourselves. The main issues we wanted to address were: the current electoral system, climate change, social inequity, and social inequality. After creating our statement of intent we were tasked with creating a press release (you can see it here). And finally our video. When we started to plan our video we wanted it to be serious but then we decided we wanted to be more focused on have a younger audience, make it for future voters. The plan of action to achieve this was to get inspiration from the Rocky Dong video. Rocky Dong was our local PPC candidate in the previous election, his video attracted the audience of teens. We then created our video to be partly serious and partly comedic. This video reflects a more in depth description of our group’s views on the current government and how we should change how we govern ourselves.

Now onto competencies. For this project there were 4 competencies over all.

I can share my opinions and support them with evidence. I found that throughout this project. I was able to back most of my opinions by connecting them to a source or a different topic.
I can use writing and design processes to plan, develop, and create original, engaging, and meaningful texts for a variety of purposes and audiences. With taking Sylvan’s writing program last year I have been able to not only expand my vocabulary but also deepen my knowledge of writing techniques making me a better writer and learner. For designing processes I find it easier to plan with sketches or small outlines.
I can reflect, assess, and refine texts to improve clarity, effectiveness, and impact for purpose, audience, and message. Doing two formative post has helped me understand how to improve my writing for this summative post. I always enjoy feedback to be able to improve for the future.
I can infer and explain corroborated interpretations from sources after investigating points of contention, and the reliability and adequacy of the evidence. During my Sylvan course last year I learned how to see if a source is reliable or not. I think that this has helped me be able to find reliable sources. However I need to work on sourcing in my posts and assignments.


How should we govern ourselves? I put this question at the beginning of this post, I then showed the work I did to try and answer. However, now that we are at the end of the post and the end of this project I will try my best to answer it. I personally think that we should govern ourselves in a way that is equal. A way where there are no favourites, a way where everyone is accepted for who they are no matter race, sexuality, or gender. I think that if we do this we can move forward past this pandemic together, then tackle issues like climate change. If we don’t stick together our nation will fall apart.

I hope you enjoyed reading this post and that it has inspired you to ponder this question as well. Make sure to check out the PLP blog. Until next time.

Peace ✌️

Women’s Roles in the 50’s

How did Canadian life develop after WWII? With this current project I have found that the topic that has jumped out to me is gender roles in the 50’s, more specifically the roles of women. Women’s roles changed when soldiers returned home which effected Canadian lifestyle. I have found many examples that support this idea and may make you look at this topic differently. 

Women’s roles in the 50’s were focused around the household. They would clean, cook and take care of the kids. Women in the 50’s were expected to fit the description of a perfect wife. When we watched “Leave it to Beaver” in class I noticed that the father referred to the mother as a dish washer. I was able to connect this to the “Back in Time for Dinner” episode we watched when Tristan commented on how she had to do all the work while her husband relaxed. Beauty standards also went up after Cinderella was released. 

Women had finally gained independence during WWII with all the men going to war and jobs needing to be filled. But once the war ended they went back to being seen as a wife and nothing more. Most women were told to quit their jobs and find a husband. These job positions were then filled by the men coming home from war. Women lost their independence and started having to depend on their husbands. 

With all these women marrying and starting families there was the baby boom. Suburban life emerged and the ideal family was set. The husband would go to work and the wife would be expected to raise the children. Boys would be raised knowing they will get a job and family one day while girls were taught how to be a mother. Girls would help their mother clean and cook and if they went to school they would take a home economics class. These home economics classes would teach them how to take care of a home when they grow up. This caused many girls to only dream of becoming a mother rather than an astronaut or to work in a business. 

In conclusion I think that women had worked so hard to get more respect and then were set back to square one in the 50’s. Their roles did indeed change when soldiers came home and it still leaves behind an impact today on Canadian lifestyle.

Life in Nature

Hello and welcome back to my blog. In todays post I will be reflecting on our second to last PLP 10 project. This project is going to tie into our end of year exhibition. For the past 5 weeks we have been learning about post WWII times and how they affected canadian lives. For this project we teamed up with Deep Cove Heritage Society to help build there archives. In each of our podcast episodes we interviewed someone who has been associated with the cove for a while and listened to their stories. I was able to schedule an interview with Wendy Bullen Stephenson, she grew up in the cove and now has a studio there. In my podcast episode I compared some of her experiences with mine and how growing up in the cove has changed over time.

I created a presentation during this project that represent the change in nature.

Now looking back at the project I like to reflect on the competencies, which one shows my best work and which one I could’ve improved on.

This competency is about continuity and change. How are lives and conditions alike over time and how they have changed. I feel like I was able to really represent this competency with my podcast episode. I compared and looked at the changed and similarities between my interviewee’s experiences and mine.
This competency is about Discussing, listening, and speaking. How have I respectfully exchanged diverse ideas and viewpoints to build shared understanding and extend thinking using appropriate speaking and listening skills for the context and purpose? I think that I showed the shared understanding with my podcast episode but I could have extended my learning by connecting my podcast to current and past events.

In class we wrote a reflective essay on what we have learned through this project, more specifically what stood out to us. I decided to write about the roles of 1950’s women. You can read it here.


I would also like to give a shoutout to my class mates, Noah and Anthony. They did an interview with Wendy before I did mine and I got some information from it to form my questions for my podcast. Big thanks to them and make sure to check out their podcasts.

Anthony’s podcast

Noah’s podcast

In conclusion I really enjoyed this project and learning about the 50’s. I am excited to see how our exhibition will turn out. Stay tuned for my exhibition post.

The Mysterious Attack

Hey guys welcome back to another blog post. As you may know from my last project post we are creating podcasts this year. If you want to catchup on my podcast journey make sure to read my Greatest Canadian post and my podcast trailer post.

Anyways, for episode 2 of my podcast “Rhiann’s Nature Scope” we had to answer the driving question:

How might we use stories to understand the causes and consequences of WWII?

To answer this question we had to tell a WWII story and be able to support our story with an interview. With my podcast topic being the outdoors of BC I decided to see if there were any places in BC that were effected by the war. I happened to stumble upon a location on the west coast of Vancouver island. Estevan Point lighthouse has a very mysterious story, June 20, 1942 a Japanese submarine shelled Estevan Point Lighthouse.

Have I constructed an original connection between myself, the text, and the world? The milestone I showed my best work to respond to text would be my story connection milestone. The story connection milestone was where we read or listened to people’s story that had a connection to WWII. We had to listen or read the story, and fill out a template of the story’s story arc, connect it to another source, connect it to a personal story, find the message of the story, and find 3 or more vocabulary words and definitions. I found that as we work through the 3 stories I progressed in telling the different aspects to the story we heard or read.
Have I found diverse sources and evaluated them for their relevance, accuracy, and reliability? The milestone I showed my best work to using evidence and resources would be my research milestone. For this milestone we had to find 5 sources to support the story we were telling in our podcasts. One of these sources had to be an interview or piece of audio. I had found many website sources that informed me about the attack but a couple also gave me information about it’s history before WWII, I found all this information very helpful for this episode.
Who or what influences events to occur and what were the consequences of those events? The milestone I showed my best work to analyzing cause and Consequences would be milestone 1. For milestone one we revisite our nationalism project from last year and looked at how Canadian nationalism might be different to different countries. For example canada is very accepting whereas America can be seen as not so accepting. We created a collage of different shapes and photos to represent Canadian nationalism and presented it by saying how these photos or shapes represented and cause us Canadians to be who we are. We also had to create a small reflective paragraph about how we as individuals are impacted by where we grew up and where we live and how it shapes our identities.
How might I use technology to connect to the world? The milestone I showed my best work to Globally collaborate would be milestone 5. Milestone 5 was our podcast episode, I think that my interview within my podcast best showed my work for this competency. It took me a really long time to be able to find someone to interview, first I emailed BC Parks but they never responded, so I emailed someone on a website that I found who had a page about Estevan Point, luckily enough the person I reached out to had the email of the actual lightkeepers at Estevan Point Lighthouse, I got a response from Maureen Schmidt and we scheduled an interview. I feel that my interview with Maureen went really well, she told me a bit about her role as a lightkeeper, what happened at the lighthouse during the attack, and what she would do in that situation.

In conclusion I really enjoyed this project because I got to learn not only about how BC was connected to WWII but also a bit of our history here on the west coast. I felt that I didn’t represent my best work during this project but will hopefully be able to improve for the next one.

I hope you enjoyed learning about my recent project, make sure to listen to my podcast.

Peace ✌️

Lightsabers at the ready

A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away…..

  • Endor Moon

Our class knew that this December the new Star Wars movie was to be released in theatre. So we knew that for this years winter exhibition it would be based on Star Wars. So lets begin.

We started this unit by learning the different aspects of story telling and story plot. The different aspects we learned through this unit were: Departure, fulfillment and return. There are other aspects of more detail such as plot, setting, character, conflict, point of view, symbol, theme. I found that though learning these aspects it gave me a better understanding of a story plot in the way of details.

While learning these new concepts we started our project for the humanities side. Our goal was to write a story about a character that somehow helps in the Star Wars franchise and had to relate to a certain planet. My group (Ally, Kaia, Asha, Liam, Ben and Ryan) got the planet Endor. This is great since one of my favourite planets. This was also great because it gave us a variety of characters to write about. After a lot of discussing review and research our group decided to write about an Ewok named Nicki. This Ewok appears at the end of the 6th Star Wars movie (return of the Jedi) doing a cartwheel at the celebration. My group decided to have our character help in the battle of endor by having her distract some imperial troopers.

We had to do quite a lot to create this story, first we came up with a brief plan for the story, then we split the story into seven parts so each member of the group could write a part. After deciding what parts we wanted we each made a plot diagram describing exposition, rising action, climax, falling action and resolution. After this we started our first draft of our story. I think that it was good for a first draft but not as good as it could be, so I worked harder on it and tried to make it as best as possible for the final draft. Once done our final draft we printed it of and put on a board for the exhibition.

As all of this is going on in the humanities side of this project we also had the maker side to all of this. Now here’s where it gets crazy. We had to create something that has to tie in with the part in the story that we wrote. This took me a while to figure out since I’m quite creative and can’t always think of just one idea. But I eventually came up with the idea of building a stormtrooper helmet out of cardboard. This took me a while to research but after a while I found a video of someone making the helmet out of cardboard. I tried my best to recreate the helmet. After three days of hard work it was complete, in the end it was created with cardboard, hot glue gun, news paper and paint. It did not turn out how I wanted it to be. It was too tall and narrow, i got the measurements wrong on some parts and some parts were bulgy. But it was still really cool that I was able to accomplish it.

Then it was time to get ready for exhibition. This was a lot of fun to put together but took a lot of work. The first few steps were to receive our designated room and create a floor plan to show how we want to set up our room. This was just the start of it, our group collaborated with a grade eight group. Our goal was to make it so if you walk into our room you would be transported to Endor. This goal was a bit exaggerated but that mad us set our minds to it. We had to go out and get all the supplies we needed so our group decided to split up the jobs.


• Ham solo’s – Simon
• Yoda soda (mountain dew)- Ryan
• Ewok jerky (beef jerky)- Rhiann
• Cambylictus berries (fruit and candy)- Kaia
• Ants on a log (cream cheese)- Evelyn


• Pin the tail on the ewok – Kaia
• Endor trivia – Ryan and Dries as part of pamphlet
• Photo Cut-out – Ally, Rhiann, Kaia

• Grade 9’s – 4
• Grade 8’s – ??
• Food – 1


• Ryan – Spear
• Liam – Imperial Shuttle (clay model)
• Asha – Animation (travel ad for Endor)
• Rhiann – Stormtrooper Helmet (cardboard)
• Ally – Hologram (Princess Leia)
• Benjamin – Spear and heart (paper mâche) (paper mâche dented helmet)
• Kaia – Environment Replicator (VR Animation)

• Quinn – Eco-friendly civilization
• Simon – Star Fighter
• Evelyn – Anti-slavery poster
• Raymond – Music Remix
• Sophia – Models of trees
• Dries – Timeline

Ewok Village:

• Scream Box as Ewok hut – will paint 3 or 2 sides
• Dries and Liam are residents in village
• Admiral Akbar’s Snack Bar is inside village
• Asha is designing it

Great Tree:

• Cardboard
• Green paper

Forestry and Plants:

• Asha, Ben, and Kaia will bring in plants
• Everybody else is encouraged to bring plants


• Wrapping paper over lights
• Rhiann – Lightup Bluetooth speaker, three starlights, curtain light
• Benjamin – lamps that can change colour
• Kaia – string lights, green Christmas tree lights
• Asha and liam May be able to bring lights and white Christmas lights
• Part of overhead lights will be turned off

It so quickly fell on the day of exhibition, for the past week we had been getting organized. While sitting through some of my other non PLP class I sat and worried that it would be a huge mess and that we wouldn’t have time. Once that 3:00 bell rung I was feeling panicked. After a few hours of rushing around we got it done, it looked amazing, it might not have been what we wanted it to turn out but it was great. We got a quick break to devour some pizza and then they would let the spectators in. When I say spectators I mean everyone’s families come to see all of it.

As I look back on this project I reflect on what I could have changed, improved and even my accomplishments. Through this project I was able to learn how to communicate better, show my work in a creative way and a written project, and was able to enjoy a project and just calm down when things are tough.

Thanks for reading and sorry for it being so long.

remember to just chill🌿❄️

The Bonding of friendship | a Chemistry story

Did you know that if different elements bond they can create a compound?

Today I will be talking about our latest chemistry unit in scimatics. We started of by learning about chemical bonding with this we started our first experiment where we had to follow these instructions:






After following these steps we had to observe and reflect on some questions and reflect on the reaction and changes.






After this we learnt more about chemical bonding, formulas, covalent compounds and many more things to help us with our project.

We eventually heard about our project and how we have to create a short story on chemical bonding. for the longest time I couldn’t figure out what to focus the short story on. I eventually sat down and thought through “what is bonding? What is a form of bonding we see daily?” Then it hit me. Friendship, that’s what I’ll focus my story on. So I started out by drawing my borh models.



I had a bit of trouble understanding how to draw a borh model but after some time I figured it out and got that accomplished. ✅ the next step in this process was the story board, I new I wanted it to be focused on the bonding of friendship but it took me a while to figure out the foundation of the story.



Then we started animating on explain everything, it took longer than I thought on creating this. First I animated, then edited, then added music and voice over, and finally I handed it in. I thought I completed it and was proud. But then I was told to revise it and better show how the chemicals bonded and that I did not represent it enough. I took this as good advice and worked on it quite a bit to animate that extra part. Once I submitted it for the second time I got the mark back and realized that I could have done better.



In conclusion I wish that I could have worked harder to better understand the core competencies on this project and to better represent the bonding of chemicals. I hope to do better on our next unit.

One of the curricular competencies that I can work on is


formulate physical or mental theoretical models to describe a phenomenon 

I think that to work on this competency I have to go over my work and try my best to better understand the demands and expectations of a project outline to communicate the message though the next project.





Opinion post

Hey there do you like movies, Star Wars or more specifically the Star Wars prequels? If so then this opinion piece is for you.

Recently my class has been working on a Star Wars unit where we have to create a story on a side character and create something to represent our story. While working on this my mind has recently been filled with Star Wars. So I decided to re-watch some or if I have time all of the movies.

I decided to watch the prequels since I’ve enjoyed those most in the past times I’ve watched this trilogy. I don’t know what it is about the prequels that I like more than the original movies.

The movie I will be discussing is episode 2: the clone wars which happens to be my favourite.

Ok so let’s get started. This movie starts when someone tries to assassinate Senator Amidala but fails by not noticing that there is a decoy. From this event Anakin and Obi One Kenobi are assigned to protect the Senator and catch who is trying to kill her. The second attempt in this assassination is that the 2 Jedi can sense what happens in the room Padmé is in. They sense that something is in there and rush to the rescue and see two slug things which are highly poisonous. Anakin immediately kills the creatures right before they poison the Senator. They follow the assassin who gets killed with a poisonous dart before she can say anything.

Amidala is at a huge risk on her life right now and so they secretly transport her to Naboo with the aid of young Anakin Skywalker once arrived he confesses his love to her by saying the best meme ever “ I hate sand” that iconic moment is now one of the biggest jokes in my class. After confessing this love he is friend zoned by the Senator and is now becoming a closer and better friend to Padmé.


As this is happening Obi One is on an adventure of his own. Chasing a bounty hunter, planets that are wiped from the archives and discovering a secret clone army. On this journey he discovers that the trade federation are trying to side with the new Sith.

Anakin is becoming distressed with visions of his mother, he and Padmé go on an adventure round Tatooine to find her. But once Anakin finds her she dies in his arms. His mother was taken by sand people. Anakin gets furious and enraged so he kills all of these demons that take his mother.

After this has past there is quite a big battle between the trade federation and the Jedi with their new clone army.

In the end Padmé and Anakin get married in secret.

In conclusion the reason that this is my favourite Star Wars movie is that I just like the story, the characters and everything about it. Especially that it show more of Padmé’s personality.


Live event


Hello and welcome to another blog. Our recent assignment was to record an event that happened in our lives. For this video I had some trouble thinking of any events but then one popped into my head, my cousins 2nd birthday party was coming up, this was a perfect idea of showing the preparation for the event and the actual event.

This was really fun to prepare for on my behalf since I got to help my mom decide on the gift and also I got to make the card. Me and my mom decided to get my cousin a backpack that contains musical instruments, we also got a little plaid shirt and some sparkly pants. The card had a ton of heart, balloon and cupcake sticker.

The party was so much fun, when we arrived we started by setting up. We put all the drinks in the fridge, put tablecloths on the tables, set up the food and got paw patrol on the TV for the kids to watch for a bit. Once we set up, lots of family started arriving. Some of my cousins around my age brought some games to entertain us. The first game we played was kind of like a twister/simon says card game. You would pick up a card, it would either be green or red, the green cards would tell you to touch your ear or put your elbow higher than your shoulder or something like that. The red cards would tel you something like put this card on your head or put this card on your right forearm. But if you stoped on of these actions you would be eliminated. The second game was a cool trivia game where you would wright your answer with a number, you would vote to which answer you think is correct. If you guessed right you get a certain amount of tokens.

After having a lot of fun with those 2 games it was time for some dinner, we had some delicious Chinese food. On my plate was garlic pork, chicken, shrimp, my grandma’s sausage rolls and some bread that my grandpa made. It was super delicious. After having some dinner we had cake. Casey had a huge smile as we sang happy birthday. After blowing out the candles we enjoyed some awesome cake. After having digested all that food it was time for Casey to open some present. She opened the present so quick that my aunt couldn’t keep up. But is was adorable to see Casey’s expressions as she opened each gift.

Once done with gifts it was time to clean up and head home.

Here is my interview with my aunt:

1. How did you choose the options for the meal?
2. How long did it take you to create two cakes?
3. What recipe did you use for the cake?
4. What type of icing did you put on the cake?
5. Do you think Casey had a good time?
6. What do you think was Casey’s favourite part?

1. Brainstormed a few options, decided that everyone would enjoy Chinese food and it would be easy to order
2. About an hour to put each one together, bake for 55 minutes, wait for it to cool
3. Orange chiffon cake
4. 7 minute icing
5. Yes
6. Running around, singing happy birthday, seeing everyone, opening presents


This was such a fun event and I can’t wait till next year when My little cousin will turn 3.

SBC | Final Week

This has been really fun to participate in the SBC for a second time. Although I found the challenges quite repetitive from last time I did quite enjoy coming up with good ideas for these challenges.

For this week I will be doing a review styled post.

What I first did for this post was that I took the SBC quiz on what I liked, what I learned and what I could do better. I would suggest that you take this quiz.

The second thing I will be doing for this post is adding all the links to previous SBC blog post of either this year or last.



week 1.                       Week 2.                            Week 3

week 4.                       Week 5.                            Week 6

Week 7.                             Week 8

week 9                                 Week 10



week 1.                        Week 2.                           Week 3

week 4.                         Week 5.                          Week 6

Week 7.                          Week 8



now for an update as usual of how many comments I have which is now a new found tradition when I do the SBC.






This was such a fun challenge I hope to do it in future years.