The Extremity Of Horror

Hey, hi, and hello. Welcome back to my blog where not all those who wander are lost (J.R.R Tolkien). Can the level of extremity of horror differ depending on the medium (live action or animated)? After receiving this assignment I immediately knew I wanted to ask this question. Personally I don’t watch horror movies as I get scared too easily. The only horror movies I have seen are Coraline and Halloween. The assignment we received was to ask an essential question that we can answer through our knowledge on horror. With my knowledge of horror only being from the two movies I have  watched and our class visit to the horror exhibit at the MOPOP I wanted to ask a question that allows me to find a correlation between these movies. Before I answer this essential question I should dive into what makes these 2 movies scary.

Now when people think about “Coraline” they picture it as a kids movie yet it’s scary to both adult and kid audiences. The main way that this movie succeeds so much in conveying a terrifying story is through stop motion. With stop motion animation you can manipulate and distort to create an unusual perspective on people and places. Something that this movie plays on that is scary for not just this movie but any other horror movie is the origin of the story. The movie “Coraline” is based off of Neil Gaiman’s book “Coraline”. Neil Gaiman’s book was inspired by “The New Mother” by Lucy Clifford, “The New Mother” has been retold by Alvin Schwartz as “The Pear Drum”. All these adaptions of this story include one consistance. The other mother. The Other Mother in Neil Gaiman’s adaption lives in this Other World where she waits to lure unhappy children and steal their souls. In Lucy Clifford’s version the New Mother (Other Mother) arrives after the two main children of the story behave so badly they drive their mother away. This New Mother (Other Mother) has glass eyes that shine and a wooden tail. 

The Other Mother is connected strongly to what is known as the Beldam. Beldam is another word old woman or a witch. The Beldam is defined as a demonic shape shifting entity who lures children into another dimension to consume their flesh and take their souls. The Beldam’s true form resembles closely to a skeletal spider. “Coraline” also has some parallels to other horror movies. In the movie “Us” there are other versions of everyone and they want to replace the originals, similar to how the Other and New Mother wants to replace the old mother. Another parallel is between the Other Mother and Penewise. At the end of both “Coraline” and “It: Chapter Two” both antagonists end in a form that resembles a spider.

After breaking down the origin and it’s connections to other horror movies it’s even more scary than just watching it. But If I want to truly answer this essential question I need to break down a live action horror movie I’ve seen.

Halloween. “Halloween” was the first ever live action horror movie I’ve seen and I only just watched it this year. I only watched it to be able to better understand horror for our project, personally I wouldn’t watch it unless I had to. Earlier in this project I did do a bit of a deep dive into the behind the scenes of the movie. What I learned from my research was director John Carpenter’s visions and ways to instill fear within the audience and make the audience connect to the ‘final girl’ Laurie. Many aspects added in this movie that make it truly terrifying is the built up suspense. Throughout the movie we see Micheal Myers following Laurie throughout her day. Because of this we know there will some sort of conflict between the two. Another suspense building feature is the music. This movie has an eerie soundtrack that just builds to silence. Then at the silence we just wait for the expected to happen yet we still get scared. Even though this movie was low budget it was a major success in horror and has turned into one of the biggest horror franchises. 

Can the level of extremity of horror differ depending on the medium (live action or animated)? In a stop motion animation horror such as coraline characters and other aspects can be manipulated to appear unnatural and/or odd. In live action films they rely on the technology they have access to to morph things or people. In movies like Halloween with such a low budget and little technological advancements in film at the time they weren’t able to rely on technology but on the actually physical artistry. I believe that live action horror films have a higher level of horror than animation horror films. Live action movies are more relatable on the physical aspect that these horrific events are happening to real live action people whereas animated movies may be horrific but given that they are animated or stop motion animated they aren’t as scary as we can’t physically relate to the characters as much as a live action film.

A Crazy One?

Hey, hi, and hello. Welcome back to my blog where not all those who wander are lost (J.R.R Tolkien). Our most recent project was our last project of the year. Spring exhibition. This was our first inside spring exhibition in 2 years. It just makes me realize how big of an impact covid has made on our lives. Speaking of impact, our final project this year was focused around impact makers. The driving question for this project was: What makes someone a community impact maker? My first thought to this question was, what makes an impact maker and how will this form to be an exhibition project? Before I go into answering the driving question I’m going to catch you up on our project path.

We first started off with defining what a “crazy one” is. There is an apple ad that shows many impact makers who people thought were crazy due to their impossible ideas. This ad featured people such as Gandhi, Frank Lloyd Wright, Thomas Edison, and many more. This was able to answer my first question: what makes an impact maker? Next we watched 3 movies, hidden figures, Amadeus, and Gandhi. These movies really opened my eyes on the lives of these amazing people. If I had to pin a favourite out of the three I would say “Amadeus”. I love classical music and opera, so much so I even have opera glasses. This movie just made me have an even greater appreciation for Mozart’s genius.

Our next steps in this project were working towards our final product. Our first step was to identify someone who had a positive impact on one of the communities we’re apart of. I had a difficult time at first to identify someone. The reason I was struggling was because I thought we had to find someone who was considered a “crazy one”, turns out we didn’t. The person had to have made a positive impact and did not need to have been seen as crazy. So I chose Sonia Ellis. Sonia was one of the owners of my dance studio and she was one of my dance teachers growing up. She made Seymour dance the family community it is. Once we had figured out who our impact maker was we learned about the project. The project was to create a contemporary art piece that represents our impact maker. I did a simple water colour portrait of Sonia and then glued flowers on it to represent the “Waltz of the Flowers” dance from the “Nutcracker”. Sonia choreographed that dance for our studio’s adaption of it and I wanted to really show that with my art piece. I was not at exhibition this year due to having tickets to Hamilton that very same night but I was very proud of my work this project.

In conclusion I am very proud of how my project turned out and I think I was able to convey the story of my impact maker without being present at the exhibition. Now to answer the driving question. What makes someone a community impact maker? I think that a community impact maker is really defined by everyone differently. anyone can be a community impact maker as long as they have somehow made a positive impact on at least one person in this community. I really enjoyed this project and I’m curious as to what our first grade 12 project will be.

Peace ✌️

T-POLs | Another Year Gone

Hey, hi, and hello. Welcome back to my blog where “not all those who wander are lost” (J.R.R Tolkien). This is an T-POL post, I haven’t done one in a while since we didn’t do them last year. The driving question for this years T-POLs is: why do you feel you are ready to advance to the next grade level?

Before I go in to answering this question I want to reflect back to my M-POL and the goal I set at the end of it. The goal that I set was to plan and manage my time more effectively and to create outlines for written assignments before writing them. Looking at my progress I feel that I have done well working towards this goal. I have tweaked my planner so that it not only incorporates my schedule but also any todo’s, homework, and if any assignments are due. I have also made sure to create detailed outlines before any blog posts. I find that writing these planners and outlines on paper rather than on my iPad allows for my brain to understand better. I could try to stick more o my planners but sometimes life is unexpected and one thing can change my whole schedule. my current planner only focuses on school day and my goal moving forward is to have a planner for everyday. I also hope to not just outline my blog posts but all my other written assignments.

  • Old planner

Now back to T-POLs. To be able to answer this question I looked back on what I wanted to improve on this year. The main things I wanted to improve on were my creativity and writing skills. I feel that I improved a lot on my writing skills with our “Sounds of Poetry” project. With this project we worked on studying poetry and the concept behind some poems and song lyrics. I already have some poetry skills that I learned from the work I did at Sylvan. This project not only expanded my poetry knowledge but also my creative writing knowledge. The final product of this project was to choose 5 songs for a playlist that somehow represent us and then write about our connection to them. I was able to use my creative writing to tell the story of my connection to each song.

The projects where I felt showed my growth in creativity were our two exhibition projects. For both exhibitions this year we had to incorporate art, both contemporary and conceptual. With these projects I was able to expand my creativity in the form of art and gain further understanding of adding meaning and symbolizim to the pieces I create.

Now back to the driving question. Why do I feel I am ready to advance to the next grade level? I feel that with all the projects we did this year I have learned everything grade 11 has to offer and I’m ready for the challenges of grade 12. I have figured out my career path and I am ready to gain the skills I need through grade 12 to work towards my chosen career. I have learned many lessons this year and not just through PLP but through my other courses too, and I’m ready to apply these lessons to my learning next year.

Thank you for spending the time to read through such a long post. Make sure to stay tuned for more to come.


A Tale of Madness

Hey, hi, and hello. Welcome back to my blog where not all those who wander are lost (J.R.R Tolkien). In this post I will be focusing our latest project. This project was one of the most fun projects ever. The driving question was: “How might we craft a compelling vision of “Macbeth” set in the 1950s?” Our end goal for this project was to be able to create a film that combines the gruesome tale of Macbeth and the Cold War. The stages we went through to lead up to this final project were to analyze the story of Macbeth and different versions and to learn the history of the Cold War. At first I thought that we wouldn’t be able to acheive our end goal due to the teachers telling us tht no PLP class has been able to complete this project. However my thoughts were soon to be altered.

When we first started with the learning of Macbeth I found myself more enthusiastic than my fellow classmates. Back in elementary school, grade 7, I became so interested in Shakespeare and learning how to understand his work. I am always looking forward to when we incorporate Shakespeare into our projects. We started by getting a textbook copy of the play and started to read. As we read we would analyze and ask questions. We would also look a one or two different film adaptations to be able to get visual representation and see how different directors in vision this tragic tale of madness.

I found that we as a class were lacking on the knowledge of the Cold War and what happened during it. We only had two quick lectures and I think that we could have spent more time delving into it to then be able to have included it more into our final project. During this project we had to make a weekly literature note about something interesting we learned in class or something that sparked an idea in our head. One of the literature notes I was really proud of was the one I did after we analyzed the witches in Macbeth.

Once we had our knowledge on macbeth and the Cold War we then started into our final project. The first step was to assign roles, not casting but the roles like director or producer, even in my case, wardrobe manager. When we applied for a role we had to hand in a vision for the role and a resume tailored to that role. I applied for wardrobe manager and added in my experience of helping with the costumes at my dance studio into my resume.

The first thing I started to do was put together a Pinterest board of my vision. I collaborated a lot with Kaia, the director, on what her ideas and vision so I could stick to an idea. I had a rough idea of what Kaia had in mind for the story and used that to start planning costumes. Once we got the actual story and the class had collectively written it I formatted my final ideas. The next step was getting them. I went down with the rest of the wardrobe team (Natalie and Liam) to our school’s theatre to find some costumes. I was able to find quite a lot of costumes that would work with the time period of our film (the 50s) and any missing things would be brought in by the actors.

Now due to the timing of editing this film I will not have the film on my blog until a later date but once I do have the film available a link will be below.

Now as usual I will be not only evaluating how the project went but how I personally think I did and how I can improve. I think that we were able to achieve our goal in being able to create a vision of macbeth that was set in the 1950s. I did wish that we were able to learn more about the Cold War aspect of the 50s but due to our previous knowledge of the 50s I think we were able to execute this project well. Now before I began writing this post I asked myself some questions. What did I do? How well did I do? What should I do next? After answering these questions I collected one conclusion. This project was amazing. Not only did it go well but it allowed me to realize what my true academic aspirations are. This project helped me achieve a realization that I really want to become a costume designer for theatre or film. I think that this project was one of the best by far because it allowed me to use my creative and critical skills and helped me build on them. The best thing about this project was what I was able to take away from it and this is what is important in projects. I hope we get to do a project more based around my second career choice (creative writing) and that the next project will be able to help me focus on building my writing skills.

Stay tuned for the next post.

Peace ✌️

MPoLs rising from the dead

Hey, hi, and hello. Welcome back to my blog where “not all those who wander are lost” (J.R.R Tolkien). This is an MPoL post, I haven’t done one in a while since we didn’t do them last year. The driving questions for this years MPoLs are: How have I demonstrated growth as a learner so far this year? And, How can I sharpen my Learning Plan to ensure I will reach my learning targets by the end of this school year? Let’s dive in.

The goal I set at the beginning of this year was to expand more upon my blogs and find a better way to plan and format them. The plan I set to achieve this was to set a day during the week where I would organize my schedule and time block my homework, and if that homework included writing a blog post, I would create an outline before I started writing, unlike previous years. I have done some good work towards my goal over this first semester. I now create outlines for my blog posts and time block my homework times, I even schedule breaks. I try to keep organized by writing: what is due, what is scheduled, and any homework. I will create this as a daily note. I have also improved my work set up so that I am at a desk with little to no distractions so I can get work done.

Some evidence of my continuous work on re-formatting my posts are shown in my summative posts for the election reflection project and the Manhattan project project. Looking back on my summative post for the project on the election I had a strong and new intro and I had customized my blog to look more presentable. For the Manhattan Project post I didn’t have that strong of an intro and I could have expanded more on my post but I did have good use of links and media. I then reviewed these two posts while I was writing my summative post for my recent project so I had a strong intro and good use of links and media.

In preparation for MPoLs I started reviewing my start of year goal and compared it to the competencies. I thought it only fit under the Critical and Reflective Thinking Competency. However, after looking more closely I realized that my goal fits under the Creative Thinking Competency as well. I discovered this due to me trying to gain more writing skills, to expand on blog posts, through creative writing and that although blog posts are supposed to be critical and reflective it takes creative skills to write them. I have been able to build up my creative writing skills this year with writing scripts and screenplays in my drama class and with writing a book. Near the end of summer I started writing a book and now I continue it in my spare time. I have noticed a difference in my writing in PLP assignments this year and I think it is due to all the writing I have been doing.

Now back to the driving questions. How have I demonstrated growth as a learner? I feel that my writing skills are the most noticeable change and I feel that I have demonstrated that through the written aspect of assignments. How can I sharpen my Learning Plan to ensure I will reach my learning targets by the end of this school year? Looking over my start of year goal and where I’m at now. I have decided to re-write and expanding upon my goal and my plan. My updated goal moving forward is to not only expand upon my blog posts but to also expand upon any writing assignments. My plan moving forward is to time block every homework session, implement a new way to organize my notes and todo’s, and always create an outline when working on a blog post or writing assignment. I hope that by the end of the year I will be able to use my time effectively and be able to have better structured blog posts and writing assignments.

Thank you for spending the time to read through such a long post. Make sure to stay tuned for more to come.



Sounds of Poetry

Hey, hi, and hello. Welcome back to my blog where not all those who wander are lost (J.R.R Tolkien). In this post I will be focusing our latest project. This project has been one of my favorite projects we’ve ever done. Our final product for this project was to create a playlist of 5 songs that we connect with or that represent us. The driving question for this project is: How can we use music to represent texts and ourselves? now let’s dive in.

One of the first things we looked into was poetry. We read many poems and song lyrics and annotated them. In our annotations we would point out the different poetic devices we could stop and thought on how they made the song or poem better. I think that my favorite part of this stage was one specific poem I read by Edgar Allan Poe. I have always admired his work and love reading his poems, no matter how gruesome they are. The one we read as a class was “Annnabel Lee“. I was able to connect to this poem because I watched a web series focused around Edgar Allen Poe and mentioned his love towards her.

we then moved on to individual song analysis. For a couple of our classes we had to pre pick a song that we connected to in some way. We then wrote an analysis on one of the songs to then help prepare us for doing an analysis on each of the 5 songs in our playlists. I did my analysis on the song “Line Without a Hook” by Ricky Montgomery. I chose this song due to it being one of my many favorites.

Soon after doing the individual analysis we started on creating our playlists. I struggled to narrow it down to only 5 song. there was one song that I really wanted in my playlist but it took me around 7 minutes to find it. I then had 6 songs so I went to my brother for some advice and now I have 5. Below are my analysis and the playlist. Feel free to listen as you read.

As you listen to this song imagine a cool spring day. Sitting in the back seat, staring out the window in excitement while counting the trees as they pass by. Finally turning and parking outside a brown and white building. Hurrying through the halls, anxious to arrive. Stopping at a white door with a number at the top, looking over to two tall figures to be sure this is it. A knock, then silence. Suddenly the door opens to a lady, she’s wearing a lavender and mint blue outfit, holding onto a walker. This is one of my few memories that I have of my great grandma. She died when I was quite young and I can still remember the dreadful day of waking up and walking into my parents room as I see my mom in tears. We still have many things from her to hold on to and remember her by but none as great as her piano. The piano where I spent 5 years practicing and learning, the piano where a photo of her, my gran, my mom, and me is perched, the piano where when I look at it I see her. This song reminds me of her and of her piano with it’s soft feel and the sustain in each note.
When listening to 3 specific parts in this song (1:18-1:43, 2:21-2:47, and 2:28-3:32) I think back to a specific place. My dad’s side of the family has a trailer at a lake in between Cash Creek and Lillooet. My dad’s family has had a place up there since before he was born. I have been going to this trailer since as long as I can remember, and now knowing that this might be our last year up there saddens my heart. I have made so many memories up there and it’s always been my way to escape the panic of life and lets me just relax and have fun. There are only a few words sung during the first two sections I connect with(“welcome home”, and “I’ve come home”). They have the repetition of the word “home” in which I connect with. I do however have a better connection with the third section. “All my nightmares escape my head Bar the door, please don’t let them in You were never supposed to leave Now my head’s splitting at the seams And I don’t know if I can” As I mentioned earlier with how I find this lake a way to escape life, the line “All my nightmares escape my head”(2:28) is exactly how I feel when I arrive there and I get the sense of going home. “I’ve come home”(2:21). The repetition of the word home really makes this song leave behind the mood of home and that you’re always welcome home.
Once I first listened to this song I felt a connection to it. Not just because my friend wrote and sang it but I felt a connection to the lyrics. The theme I got from this song is escapism. As I mentioned earlier with the song “Welcome Home” by Radical Face, I like to find ways to escape the troubles of life. I have been able to find it in books, movies, music, nature, and daydreams. I think the line I most connect with is “And you will fly someday to a world far away from your troubles” (2:42-2:46). The one poetic device that stuck out for me was rhyme scheme. The scheme is AAAA or AABB. For example in stanza 2 the rhyme scheme is AAAA (fall, walls, tall, all). I fell that this makes the song get stuck in my head. The repetition of a rhyme helps the words stick.
It’s dark, curtains so rounding as excitement fills the air. Suddenly a figure is in the middle of the stage as the lights turn on and fade to blue. The music starts as two more walk on stage. This is how my passion of hiphop began. In 2015 and 2016 my brother did hip hop. I started hiphop in 2016, 6 years ago. I have always followed in my brothers footsteps and look up to him. I play flute, do ultimate frisbee, am in PLP, and do hiphop because he did it. While I watched him dancing from backstage I immediately wanted to add hiphop to my list of dance styles. I did around 2 years of recreational hiphop then went on to competitive. I have now been doing competitive hiphop for 4 years and now it’s the only dance style I do. This song and hearing this genre lead me down a path in my life and I can’t think what my life would be like without hiphop. As for literary devices, repetition is the major one. The repeating of the line “started form the bottom now we here, started from the now the whole team here” really leaves behind the message that they started from the bottom and made their way up. This song convey’s the message that anyone can start from the bottom and work up towards a major goal.
I chose this song for 4 reasons. All of these reasons are connected to each other. Let’s dive into the first. This song is from the Irish dance show “Lord Of The Dance”, the first connection I have to this song is that I did 7 years of Irish dance. I enjoyed it a lot except for the competitions (feis). At these competitions you would have to dance your specific dance as a solo as someone danced their’s right next to you. Each studio has their own specific dances but all studios share the same music. I always got stressed out at these competitions thinking I would forget everything. The next two connections I have are music based. The first being that I grew up loving the bagpipes and wanting to learn how to play the fiddle (both being Celtic instruments). I also grew up loving Celtic music and now it’s one of my top genres of music. And finally, la piece du résistance, the reason that ties all reasons together. I have Celtic heritage. I am part Scottish, part Welsh, and part Irish (I also have Ukrainian heritage). I am still looking deeper into my family’s Scottish clan and am interested in learning more.

Now let’s look back on the driving question. How can we use music to represent texts and ourselves? I think that a piece of music can have many different meanings to many different people. Everyone interprets music in different ways due to their past experiences and who they are. We can make it represent ourselves if we explain the meaning we find and our connection to it. Without an explanation others will keep pondering and might reach an incorrect conclusion. My conclusion however, is that I quite enjoyed this project so much that it has inspired me to read more poetry, point out poetic devices in everyday life, and to really listen to the lyrics of a song and find a connection to it.

Hope you enjoy my summative post. Stay tuned for more to come. My next post will be about MPoL.


“Tension” by Fraser and Rhiann

Hey, hi, and hello. Welcome back to my blog where not all those who wander are lost (J.R.R Tolkien). In this post I will be continuing on the topic of historical significance and the Manhattan Project. I will also be adding in the idea of conceptual art and how we used it to convey different perspectives on what we learned throughout this project. Now lets dive in.

Near the beginning of this project we focused on historical significance and what makes something significant. Our main assignment for that section of the project was to take a historical event and create a post. You can find that post at [this link]. Along with learning about the Manhattan project we were assigned to read a book called “Hiroshima”. We participated in Socratic seminars and posed questions as we read. At the end we wrote a post of our opinion on the book. You can find that post at [this link].

Just like every project we have a driving question, however in this project we had 3 sub questions. One for historical significance, one for the bomb, and one for conceptual art. I was able to answer the first two in my past two posts however i still need to answer the third and the driving question. 

Now to answer the conceptual art question (How can we express ideas through art?) I need to talk and reflect on our trip to downtown. In the middle of November we went to two museums. I went into this project thinking that conceptual isn’t art and that it is pointless. After experiencing the Yoko Ono exhibit my feelings changed. I now think that conceptual art is art, however i still dislike ready made art. With this new view i am more able to answer the question. I think that the best way to express ideas with art is to add some sort of element to the piece that will keep the viewers wondering so that they will try to find the meaning, idea, or concept behind the piece. 

To answer the driving (How did the development of the atomic bomb change the world?) I will explain me and Fraser’s project. For winter exhibition we had to create a piece of conceptual art, either on our own or in groups. Our art piece had to somehow reflect an aspect of the Manhattan project and to fit under one of four categories. Politics and warfare, ethics and morals, technology and science, and society. Fraser and me created a piece that was balloons filled with sand suspended above pins creating the idea of tension and anxiety that the balloons could pop at any moment just like how nuclear weapons could be fired off at any moment. Each balloon is filled with the same amount of sand to represent that each balloon has the same amount of impact however the bigger balloon the more of an obvious threat compared to the smaller balloons. The closer to the pins the balloons are the closer to the decision to set of the weapons. 

In conclusion I think that the development of the atomic bomb has made nations more cautious towards other nations with not knowing if they posses these weapons or not. Over the years with new developments in technology the tension and anxiety grows between nations. I quite enjoyed having the three different sub questions in this project and i think it helped build up to answering the driving question.

My Opinion

Hey, hi, and hello. Welcome back to another post. Recently my class has been reading the book Hiroshima to aid in our learning of the Manhattan project, or as its more commonly known as the “Atomic Bomb.” This event cannot even be explained as tragic or devastating due to it being far worse than those words. Let’s jump right in.

When I was first told to write a literary criticism on Hiroshima many ideas flooded my head. Many thoughts and questions, “what do I write?” “Should I focus on one idea or many?” All of these thoughts and more, however one stood out to me. “What is my opinion?” I have many opinions on many things and they are constantly being changed. For example I used to think that contemporary art was not art until I went to a Yoko Ono exhibit. It only takes one thing to change someone’s mind. My opinion on this book and specifically different aspects of this book has changed over reading it.

Before reading this book I had thought that the Americans made a smart move to end the war. After reviewing this I realized that I was looking though one viewpoint, this book allowed me to see through another. In this book we read through the view of 6 survivors and their experience. This allows you to sympathize and remember that there are always two side to a story. At the end of this book I had one main question, “Can we blame the US for making the atomic bomb and not taking the time to test for long lasting effects if they were just trying to get there before the Germans did?” The US might have made a smart move in saving their own men by bombing the Japanese, however it was not ethically the right thing to do. Let’s look at this through the trolley problem.

“There is a runaway trolley barreling down the railway tracks. Ahead, on the tracks, there are five people tied up and unable to move. The trolley is headed straight for them. You are standing some distance off in the train yard, next to a lever. If you pull this lever, the trolley will switch to a different set of tracks. However, you notice that there is one person on the side track. You have two (and only two) options:
Do nothing, in which case the trolley will kill the five people on the main track.
Pull the lever, diverting the trolley onto the side track where it will kill one person.
Which is the more ethical option? Or, more simply: What is the right thing to do?”

Is it more ethical to end the war and save your men by bombing innocent Japanese civilian lives or to continue fighting and lose more lives? In the book, John Hersey wrote “Mrs. Nakamura and her relatives had been quite resigned and passive about the moral issue of the atomic bomb, but this rumour suddenly aroused them to more hatred and resentment of America than they had felt all through the war.” This showed that even a survivor of the event questioned the morality of the bomb.

After pondering my original question (Can we blame the US for making the atomic bomb and not taking the time to test for long lasting effects if they were just trying to get there before the Germans did?) I remembered a quote from my favourite musical (which happens to be Newtons Third Law), “Hamilton.” As Daveed Diggs (Thomas Jefferson) said “Every action has an equal opposite reaction.” There were clear consequences to the bomb being dropped wether the US decided to ignore them or just didn’t pick up on them.

In my opinion everything we do has equal consequences, the US might not have considered the consequences or the ethics if they felt a rush to get there first however they have learned their mistake and I hope that there will be more consideration in the future. This book has left behind an impact on the minds of many Americans and I hope that more historians and journalists consider writing in this method.

Stay tuned for my next post.

Peace ✌️

The Telegraph

Hey, hi, hello. Welcome back to another post. This post is going to be talking about something I have talked about in the past. Historical significance. Now as most people know, the past is everything that has ever happened. Whereas history is specific significant events from the past that have left great impact. Now with this in mind lets dive into the post.

Now talking about historical significance I thought I would give an example of a significant event that impacted communication and technology. The invention of the telegraph and morse code. Before the telegraph was invented communication was different. It was different for each culture, for example civilizations in China, Egypt and Greece used drumbeats of smoke signals to communicate over long distances. Then the telegraph was developed in the 1830s and 1840s. Samuel Morse (the inventor) sent the first telegraph message in 1844 from Washington D.C to Baltimore Maryland. Until the early 19th century telegraphs were not wireless causing weather to effect to communication. The electric telegraph was then created allow contact with ships, trains, and places of longer distance. 

With the invention of the telegraph came the creation of morse code. Samuel Morse and Alfred Vail assigned letters to certain sets of dots and dashes. More commonly used letters got simpler codes compared to those less common. Nowadays we may no longer have telegraphs however we still use morse code. One of the main ones is SOS signalling. There are two main ways I know of to do this. One is three whistle blasts, this will usually get someone’s attention and someone will help. The second is to do the morse code for SOS (3 dots, 3 dashes, 3 dots) with a flashlight.

Before I delve into why i think this event is significant I want to explain what makes a historical event. A historical event is determined by historians. These events need to leave an impact over both time and distance (geographically). For example the creation of the atomic bomb is significant whereas buying chocolate milk instead of eggnog isn’t significant. 

Now, with the knowledge of what makes something significant I think that the creation of the telegraph and morse code is a significant event. Without the telegraph we would probably not have developed phones or a well known way of signalling for help. Now knowing this it’s strange to think what our lives would have become without Samuel Morse and many great inventors. 

Thanks for reading this post. If you want to learn more about the telegraph click this link. Stay tuned for my next post. 

Peace ✌️ 

Our Revised Government!!

Hey, hi, and hello. Welcome back to my blog where not all those who wander are lost (J.R.R Tolkien). In this post I will be continuing on the topic of politics, like my last two posts (election reflection & Press release) . Before we get into the post I want to briefly explain our recent project. With the recent election we started a project about Canadian politics. The main focus of this project is to answer the question, how should we govern ourselves? My answer to this before we delved into this project was; I thought the way we currently govern ourselves is fine. Now, onto the post.

One of the assignments from this project that I think was the key to this project being successful was the vote compass test. For this we had to go to vote compass and answer some questions. My results from it:

I discovered this to be important once we got our groups for creating political parties. When we were put in our group we all looked at each other’s vote compass results to discover that we all got very similar results. This ended up with us all agreeing, for the most part, on our groups ideologies. After forming our group I than began to rethink my answer to the driving question and started to think there might be some things that need to be changed.

The next thing I would like to talk about in this post are Zettlekasten. Zettles are notes, either permanent, literature, or fleeting. We learned what and how to take each of these types of notes using a program called craft . I found that this method off note taking is similar to the one I started using in march. It helped me find notes easily with the magic of linking and I was able to add those notes to my posts. I will definitely continue to use this method of organization and will create a post soon to explain them more in depth.

Reform & Revise. This is what our group (Izzy, Natalie, Zoe, and Ben [links to their posts] ) decided to call our political group. As I mentioned earlier in the post, we all had similar views on politics and how we should govern ourselves. The main issues we wanted to address were: the current electoral system, climate change, social inequity, and social inequality. After creating our statement of intent we were tasked with creating a press release (you can see it here). And finally our video. When we started to plan our video we wanted it to be serious but then we decided we wanted to be more focused on have a younger audience, make it for future voters. The plan of action to achieve this was to get inspiration from the Rocky Dong video. Rocky Dong was our local PPC candidate in the previous election, his video attracted the audience of teens. We then created our video to be partly serious and partly comedic. This video reflects a more in depth description of our group’s views on the current government and how we should change how we govern ourselves.

Now onto competencies. For this project there were 4 competencies over all.

I can share my opinions and support them with evidence. I found that throughout this project. I was able to back most of my opinions by connecting them to a source or a different topic.
I can use writing and design processes to plan, develop, and create original, engaging, and meaningful texts for a variety of purposes and audiences. With taking Sylvan’s writing program last year I have been able to not only expand my vocabulary but also deepen my knowledge of writing techniques making me a better writer and learner. For designing processes I find it easier to plan with sketches or small outlines.
I can reflect, assess, and refine texts to improve clarity, effectiveness, and impact for purpose, audience, and message. Doing two formative post has helped me understand how to improve my writing for this summative post. I always enjoy feedback to be able to improve for the future.
I can infer and explain corroborated interpretations from sources after investigating points of contention, and the reliability and adequacy of the evidence. During my Sylvan course last year I learned how to see if a source is reliable or not. I think that this has helped me be able to find reliable sources. However I need to work on sourcing in my posts and assignments.


How should we govern ourselves? I put this question at the beginning of this post, I then showed the work I did to try and answer. However, now that we are at the end of the post and the end of this project I will try my best to answer it. I personally think that we should govern ourselves in a way that is equal. A way where there are no favourites, a way where everyone is accepted for who they are no matter race, sexuality, or gender. I think that if we do this we can move forward past this pandemic together, then tackle issues like climate change. If we don’t stick together our nation will fall apart.

I hope you enjoyed reading this post and that it has inspired you to ponder this question as well. Make sure to check out the PLP blog. Until next time.

Peace ✌️