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Kings & Queens, make way for me!

Have you ever wondered what you would look like in a medieval painting?
Well I never have, but here we are! For our 2nd Humanities/Maker project, we started a new project called Power play or how it started. Accompanying the cool name, we read a book! The Book Of The Lion by Micheal Cadnum. I hate to say it, but the book was really bad. It helped me understand medieval worldview better, but the plot line wasn’t very good. It was a battle to finish the book, and after it was done I felt so accomplished.

Answering our Driving Question

To answer our driving question, our artwork helps us understand the medieval worldviews and how my worldview would have been if I had lived in the medieval times. Knowing about that matters to me because it makes me feel grateful for the life I have right now.

Explaining My Artwork

I put myself in a picture of Anne Boleyn. My friend recommended her because she watched the musical SIX, and really liked it. Anne was the 2 wife of King Henry VIII, and was a major impact on the churches of England, and supported Henry with his religious policies. Since she gets beheaded later, I added a person holding an axe next to her. We created it using the app SuperImposeX, but it’s a paid app, so don’t get your hopes up. Just kidding! Well no not about the paid part, that’s real.

My Supporting Ideas In My Art
Time: In my drawing I have a  medieval clock because it was very important in the medieval times and also in these times because we have to know when we are supposed to get somewhere such as school! School is important to my worldview because being a proficient learner is what I aim for. 

Economy : I put a money bubble above me I wanted it to look like money was the only thing on my mind. In my worldview, money is also really important because it’s used for everything, and without it, I wouldn’t be able to have these privileges.

Society : To represent society I added a crown on the king trying to behead me because in medieval worldview, a crown was worn by royals, in my worldview crowns are also important because we also have our own Kings and Queens like King Charles, Queen Elizabeth, and Princess Diana. They all wore crowns to represent their royal status, and pass their crowns on to the next generation

Book of the Lion

To help us understand medieval worldview better we had to read a book. A very VERY boring book. This was like one of the worst books I’ve ever read if I’m being honest (Ms Willemse don’t come for me). The storyline was boring and just not very exciting to read. The one upside- it did help me understand medieval worldview better, so let’s give it a round of applause. Okay, maybe not THAT much. Golf claps! 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼. Okay that’s enough, it really doesn’t deserve that much praise. Anyways, if you REALLY WANT TO READ IT (don’t say I didn’t warn you) the link for the book is here (if you know, you know) If I had to rate it out of ten (ten being my favourite book) I would give it a 3. It was that bad.

Leader Tribute

For this assignment that was part of this project, we had to create a tribute to a historically significant leader that made a big impact to the world. We read about Chinggis Khan, Eleanor of Aquataine, and Salah Aldin. My group, Daniel, Oliver and me chose Chinggis Khan. He was a blood thirsty man, but he also united countries together. He also created the yams, which is a Mongolian mailing system. We decided to do a drawing, as we only had 30 minutes to create a tribute. I drew him with a peace sign in his hand, and the world in the other. It symbolized that he contributed to world peace. Daniel and Oliver created a script for us to use when presenting.


Conclusion:Although this project was fun and all, the book made the project less fun, and more boring. Turning myself into a drawing was the project-saver. Are you taking notes yet Ms Willemse??? Anyways, I would give this project a solid 6/10. TEOTWAWKI(The End Of The World As We Know It) was like a 9/10.  

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It’s The End Of My Life As I Know It!!

HEY YOU! Yeah you! It’s the end of the world! Well the end of MY world. Kind of. A project. For Humanities. So no zombies, bombs, that stuff (unfortunately) But I started high school! Isn’t that crazy? I used to be a little baby and now I’m in HIGH SCHOOL?! Life goes by too fast😔. Anyways BACK TO THE PROJECT. For my first ever humanities project, we had to write a song! Well, write lyrics that are based off a song. Your parents might know it, or if you’re in PLP you might know. It’s the end of the world as we know it by R.E.M. And no, not the beauty line by Ariana Grande.

The Making of the lyrics

The first part to make our song was to make up our lyrics. The lyrics had to be in beat with the song and be related to our transition from elementary to high school. I found making these lyrics really hard. Here’s a picture of my original lyrics! Yes, I know VERY cringey, but trust me, listen to it a few times and it becomes pretty catchy! I still have it in my head.

The Outsiders

In order to learn about worldview we read this book called the outsiders. The main character is a boy named Ponyboy (I guess his parents didn’t like him) and his brothers, Sodapop and Dally. They’re parents died in a fire so now they live on their own as greasers. They have to deal with socs who are kind of like rich bullies. I would give this book a 6.5/10. It wasn’t very good but it did help with worldview. 

The Process of the song!

Everyone thought that we were doing this project solo but Ms Willemse had some tricks up sleeve. We were going to do it in groups! Unfortunately we didn’t get to pick them, but I got a good group. I was with Julia and Sam. You can check their blogs here!



We worked so hard on this project so read until the end to watch our video! 

Equal share or Not Fair?

The main reason I think our group was good was because nobody tried to boss each other around, take over the project, etc. We had to draw a participation pie chart for how much work people did. I gave me and Sam 30% each because we did a lot of work, but we got distracted a lot. I gave Julia 40% because she made the entire music video. 

Lights, Camera, Action!

Recording the song was definitely the most tedious part of the project. It took us a whole week to get the recording some-what upload-able. Our voices didn’t really match each others, Julia’s was high, Sam’s was deep and mine was just outright BAD. After many tries, snacks and laughs, we finally got it. After we finished recording we kind of just goofed around for a few minutes. 

It’s the end of this post as we know it!

I’m afraid this post has come to a close. But have no fear, more posts will appear! Okay, that enough of this rhyming. If you want to watch the music video click at the bottom of the post. I loved this project so much and I hope that the projects in the future continue to be this fun!

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Seven Things You Might Not Know About Elsa (not the princess)

Seven Things You Might Not Know About Elsa (not the princess)

Hi! Welcome to my first post! I recently moved to a new school, and I’ve made some friends! I’ve decided to do my first post about my friend Elsa! She’s a PLP student who is really funny and fun to be around. She also makes me ramen whenever I go to her house.

Want to know PLP student Elsa more? Read this post to learn more!

1. Her favourite food is Korean Fried Chicken. She loves the flavour and texture of the chicken. In her words she loves the “crunchy texture” of it.

2. Her favourite movie of all time is How to Train Your Dragon 2. Her favourite character is Stormfly who is one of the main character, Astrid’s dragon.

3. Something that she does normally but other people think is weird is that she does something called the Chad face. She’s really good at it. It’s sort of a trend/meme on social media. Believe me, I’ve tried to do the Chad face

4. Her favourite colour is cochenille which is a deep red colour. It’s actually made from a bug called a cochineal.

5. She is actually a K-pop Stan. Her favourite group is (G)-Idle which is a girl group based in Korea. Her favourite song is by (G)-Idle which is Eyes Roll.

6. Her favourite sport is ice hockey. She played hockey when she was 4 and still plays now. She has pictures of her playing hockey on her fridge.

7. Her favourite place to shop is Artbox. She loves buying K-pop albums there but it’s way too expensive for a broke person like me 😭.

Thanks for reading! Hopefully you can have a full fledged conversation with Elsa if you meet her! If you want to check out her blog click here!