Hey everyone and welcome to my post for week 4 of the student blogging challenge. This week there is no task this week, we get to write whatever we want! So recently I’ve been getting into anime, so thats what I wanted to write about.

I had my presumptions about anime and for a long while refused to watch any… Until october 3rd when I caved and agreed to try watching anime. I instructed one of my mods to make a channel in my discord to put all of the recommendations. Within minutes I had a list of 35 animes to quote ‘get me started’.

Since then I’ve completed all available episodes of the first 3 animes on this list that was given to me in my discord. So given the change in my opinion, I thought I would make a little video to talk about these anime’s.

Note that this is not a review, these are just my thoughts and opinions on these shows and you are entitled to your own opinion.

The first show on this list was none other than Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood, which I was told was one of the best anime’s around. And after watching it makes sense why people would say that.

If you don’t know what the show is its about Edward and Alphonse Elric who try and fail to revive their dead mother and fail, causing them to lose their bodies. They then set off trying to recover them and this plot eventually shifts into a struggle to save the world.

This show is by far and away the best show I’ve ever watched. It not only has a fantastic story but amazing action scenes and character development. Between the of the show and the end the characters are almost completely different. The ones that get to see the end that is. 

However the growth was never jarring and was always gradual. It really felt that over the length of the show they grew almost as real humans would. The reason that I’m highlighting this aspect specifically is because of the fact I plotted through all 64 episodes in under 4 days. Even though I watched roughly 16 episodes a day the growth always seemed natural. If it can seem organic over that short of a time span I can only imagine what people who watched it over a few weeks would have felt about it.

Next I want to talk about the overall narrative, and damn is it good. The first 3 episodes do a fantastic job of establishing the characters and their motives. It also establishes the world around them. In these episodes Ed and Al are shown as still naive and childish besides being 14 and 15. Which is a stark contrast to their characters at the end for the most part that is.

Finally I want to talk about the action scenes and boy there is a ton of them. The main way of fighting in the show is with Alchemy, a science that lets people bend the world around them to their will. This makes for a lot of amazing scenes of people blasting each other with fire, building protective barriers out of rock and a bunch of other things that are spectacles to behold and keep you engrossed in the fight.

I can’t really say anything about the show other than it is just fantastic and I can’t really fault it for anything. While I do wish there was more of it to watch and they didn’t use the neighbouring countries to anywhere near their full potential, its pretty much a perfect story and a show I would recommend to anyone.

The next show on this list was Death Note, a show I had heard a lot about in the past and I knew was held in high standing. And I’m just gonna say straight off… This one underwhelmed me.

Death Note follows your everyday psychopath Light Yagumi, a high school student who finds a notebook that gives him the power to commit mass murder.

Light chooses to only kill all criminals in hopes of making the world a better place. But of course, murder is murder and soon the cops are on to him.

Over the course of the show Light loses his sanity and is trying to sidestep the cops every step of the way so he could become the ‘God’ of the new world he aims to shape with genocide.

The characters in the show are not bad, but not great. Light is a well portrayed character who I personally found impossible to like, being that he was a mass murderer and all. 

Misa who was another mass murderer who was obsessed with Light, was too me anyway a better character. She had a lot more of a vibrant personality and got annoying at times but that got her character well. 

Ryuk the Shinigami was also a good character, he had a very dark personality and was responsible for starting everything because he was bored. 

Finally the person I thought was the best character, Matsuda. Matsuda was always funny no matter the situation and had a very strong moral compass. He would always be the one too mess up and always was determined to fix it.

I think the best part of the show was the tone it set, it was always really dark and was quite suspenseful in a lot of parts. The consistent tone really helped keep me engrossed in the show after it slowed down and reach its dull part in the middle.

Continuing on what I was saying, Death Note was just too long for the story it told. After the death of the main person investigating the murders Light was committing dies the show goes downhill for about 10 episodes and only picks back up in the final 2 when all the events come to a close. The show has 37 episodes and only 25 were really needed to tell the story. If it has gone to only 25 episodes the show would have been interesting throughout and not have a serious dull part in the middle where the should still have rising action or the show climax.

In conclusion the show was decent, though I wasn’t the biggest fan of the middle section I’m still glad I stuck around until the end to see the payoff of the show. It had a great start and conclusion and would have been great if the middle section held up to the standard set by the start and finish.

The third and final show I’m going to talk about for this video is My Hero Academia (The first three seasons that is).

I will say that after watching the first episode I was willing to give up on the show, but I was told by a friend to at least give it the first season. And sure enough, halfway through the first season I was hooked and got through three seasons in a matter of days.

The mix of comedy and action that the show blends into its story is great. The show doesn’t take itself too seriously and after watching Death Note that was a refreshing change. The show has its serious moments in battles but also has its funny moments in the school sections. Weirdly this show reminded me strongly of the Pokemon anime, more specifically what I had hoped for with the Alola ark.

The story of the show is great. It tells you from the start what it ends as, with Izuku becoming the number 1 hero in the world. The show starts out with Izuku having no powers but after the current number 1 hero passes his power down to him the show kicks into gear.

The characters are also great, the students like Izuku are grown up yet childish which plays perfectly with the tone of the show. To come to think of it the whole show is pretty grown up with childish humour and its great. It makes for one of the best shows I’ve seen in years (still not as good as FMA but season 3 comes close).

The story of My Hero is very strong, yet easy to jump into at almost any point since the show reminds you of things like the summary of the show and each characters power. This can get annoying if you are bingeing the show like I was, but to people who stumble across it on TV it would be good.

The action in the show is smooth and entertaining and tense at some points. The best part of the show is easily when they fight Stain as the battle is full of quick paced action but also very tense and you wonder what is going to happen.

The character building is also great as you see each character advance in their training greatly from episode to episode and that pace of growth is consistent. The backstories and powers of each character is also unique and well though out. Like Izuku wanting to help others even though he was quick less for so long, Or Ururaka wanting fame and fortune so she could give her parents and easy life.

Overall I love this show. It wasn’t as good as Fullmetal alchemist but season 3 came quite close to being on that same level. The charters were great and so was the story.

I really enjoyed these shows and no I regret not giving anime a chance earlier… I kinda had my judgments about it before I even watched an episode thanks to the past. But regardless all of these shows were great, though my favourite is apparent I thoroughly enjoyed all 3 shows, all 164 episodes, all 3772 minutes, all 63 hours and all 2 plus days of watching it… What have I done with my life…

Anyway now to rank them. Third spot goes to Death Note, Second to My Hero Academia and first place to Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood.