Fun In Oregon

Two weeks ago my class went on a field study to Oregon. We went for a week and did so many activities for fun and learning. On the first day we went to Astoria column then went to fort Stevens state park yurts were we stayed at for 2 nights.

Then day 2 we went to the fort Stevens Maritime Museum we got a tour and saw many cannons and underground rooms (that was really cool) and we went to highlife adventure zip lining.

Day 3 we  went to the Columbia River Maritime Museum and we learned about crossing the Columbia river into the ocean after the museum we cannon beach it was raining really hard but we still went to get a picture near haystack rock and run around in the rain and then we went to Tillamook cheese factory we saw the machines in the process of making cheese and we got to sample it then went to a gift shop.

Day 4 we went to the Hatfield Marine Science Center we looked at different types of intertidal marine life then we raced crabs to see what type of crab went faster.

On the next day, day 5 we came back to the Hatfield Marine Science Center to make an R.O.V (remotely operated vehicle) and then went to the Visitor Center where me and my advertising group interviewed the owner for a project that we have started then we went to Yaquina Head to learn about how that area was made, about the lighthouse and why lighthouses were built in the first place.

On the last day we started to drive home in the bus and we made a stop to go to Northwest Trek a wildlife park. After the northwest trek we headed back to Seycove

on this trip I learned many things like you can’t just give up if you don’t do well on your first try if you keep going there are so many things to accomplish. An example of this is in the quests that we did, My group had some of my friends like Annie, Erin, Quinn, Dries, and Julien the first quest we did we did not finish the time limit we had was 45 mins it was a terrible quest then the next quest we did we only had 30 minutes but before we started the quest the teachers told us to say something we did good on the last quest and one thing we could improve on. After my group discussed it we started the quest we came back in 45 minutes because we got distracted and we went the wrong direction but the teachers gave us 45 more minutes and this time we finished partly because we read the clues better and little bit because we knew all the short cuts and tricks to finish faster. All of that shows that we could work well in a group, listen to each other and keep going even when we already tried. 

During this trip and all the activities we did I learned to work with other and to get to know them. Some people I would have never thought to go up to them and start talking to them but doing all the group work helped me get to know them and work well with them. An example of this I’d when my class went to the Hatfield Marine Science Center we built ROVs (remotely controlled vehicles) we were put in groups to build them my group was Nathen, Dries, and Kate this was really fun we had to overcome some challenges and figure out how to make it float and in the end we made a pretty good ROV it looked good and moved well under water.

During all of the activities we did there was always a purpose and a learning experience to do with our ongoing project about media. I learned that it is always good to ask questions and engage in the conversation/topic it is always good to ask about whatever comes to your head as long as it is on topic and you ask it at the right time not 20 minutes after the conversation stoped. Also I learned that if you go on a tour or something with a guid with you class always ask the guid questions they are there for a reason and they know almost everything about the place they will be happy to answer your question. 

One more thing I want to say is never be afraid to try new things there are so many opportunities that you never knew you could do always strive for the things that you love never give up.

During this trip we learned a lot so our teacher made a book for us to fill in and tell about the day that we had so here is the book:

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