Digital drawing

For the first term of school my maker class (which is a digital learning class) we have been working on an app called sketches pro to make drawing with different techniques and tools. This project was really fun because drawing is something that I do for fun outside of school. In this post I am going to go through all of the projects that I did during this term, I will put my drawing after all of my explanations of the task we did. 

1. Word Art

We started off with some word art our task was to write our name in a text that we like with some designs in it or around it to make it stick out and look nice. 

2. Sketch Notes

After we worked on our word art we started another thing sketch noting. In class we watched a video on growth mindset during the video we took small notes on our iPads and added little symbols to make it look nicer and to help us understand the note when we looked at it later. Before we watched the video we learned about different types of connecters for connecting words we also learned how fonts can draw the eye to Moore important parts of the note. 

3. Self Portrait

This was one of my favourites but the hardest. We had to take a selfie of ourselves and trace it, I like tracing things and drawing people but I don’t really like drawing myself but I did. The final product doesn’t really look like me but it looks ok also later in the project we had to do a gallery piece (a technique that we liked doing and make a new work of art) I did the portrait for that and I am really proud of it. 

4. Still life

For this one we had to take a picture of a bowl of fruit and trace it. During this we were working on light and shadow I love doing shadows and light so this wads fun. Also before the actual drawing we had to practice shading so I will put a picture of that in here. 

5. Logo 

This was the last thing to do before the gallery piece, I made a cliff jumping business and called it Jump Freely my logo was really fun to make and I made two drafts I can’t show both because one got deleted but I have the one I like better. Seeing all of my classmates logos and made up businesses was really cool and all of them looked incredible.

6. Gallery Piece 

This was a free choice piece of art as I said earlier in my post I chose to do the portrait. Instead of drawing myself I found a person off the internet and drew them it was really fun and I love the final product.  


Hope you enjoyed my post and all my drawings🧡

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