Family festivals

What my family celebrates

Christmas- Christmas is a very well known holiday. My family loves Christmas because it is a fun time to spend time together and give to each other. At the start of December my family and I decorate the house with lights on the roof, we put a wreath on the front door, put big ornaments on the maple tree in our front yard, and we decorate inside as well we put up a Christmas tree with lots of lights and ornaments, and we put pretty decorative ornaments hanging in the hallway from the banister upstairs. 

Date: Dec 25th

Thanksgiving- most of the time my family goes to some of my families friends we eat turkey and stuffing and a lot of other food. This is one of my favourite holidays because first of all there is ton of food and I love food😁 and I also love it because I spend a lot of time with my family. Date: second Monday of October

Halloween- this isn’t a significant holiday in my family but we still celebrate it by decorating with scary decorations 👻. My brother doesn’t trick or treat any more but I still do with my friends and I make fun costumes with my friends as well. Date: Oct 30th 

There are many other holidays that my family celebrates but I cant list them all so this will be the last one I talk about

Valentine’s Day- this is a small holiday but my family with get little cute gifts for echo their a lot of the time with chocolate when I was 7 my brother got me a stuffy in a mug with some chocolate and I still have the stuffy. Date: February 14th

my photo

This is a photo I took last Christmas right after my family had finished decorating it for 2 hours. I chose this photo because decorating the tree is a big part of our Christmas because we have so many decorations to put on the tree and we all contribute to the decorating because it would take forever to decorate with only one person. We also love decorating the tree because some of the ornaments have stories behind them and it is fun to go through them. 

My Holiday Craft

I drew this picture to represent Christmas because drawing is one of my hobbies and I always love drawing Christmas related things!

4 thoughts on “Family festivals

  1. Bruklyn says:

    Hi Ryan,
    I really like the detail that you put in your post. I also really like your drawing. What is your favorite holiday?

    • ryanun says:

      Hi Bruklyn
      My favourite holiday is either Christmas or Thanksgiving they both are really fun to celebrate with family and friends also there are big meals with lots of good homemade food so that’s a nice bonus.
      Thank you for the comment🧡

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